Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 2

I told you this was going to be a challenge.
I didnt even remember to take a picture until 1130 tonight.

Too bad I couldnt find my camera.
So Photos via iphone.
What can you do?

Today was: What I wore Today.
I really wish I'd have known that when I got dressed.


This is a go to outfit,
usually reserved for running errands because its comfortable.
Pants: green slim cords from Anthropologie.
Top: an urban outfitter find. And guess who else has this shirt? Tori Spelling. She wore it on her reality show once. And I was like OMG.
Shoes: not shown... red vans. because I cant match to save my life. oh and sans laces because I was too lazy to put them in.

On a side note.
events of the day included...
sleeping in until 10 am. It. was. Ahhhhmazing.
an appt for the kids with the nutritionist. A stupid long time in the waiting room.
Ginger told the nutritionist her favorite food was "Vegetables".
I smiled modestly and did sort of a "what can I say?" shrug.
Even if it was a lie. Pretty sure her favorite food is chocolate chip pancakes with whipped cream.
But check out this drawing... she traced her hand!


Oliver: weight: 19.5 pounds. Height: 28 inches
Ginger: weight: 24 pounds. Height: 34 inches
Which I think is perfect for both of them.
Oliver tried very hard to crawl today.
Ginger peed on the floor. yup, just like an animal.
I went the whole day without watching Tangled.
Ginger, Oliver, Moses and I all ate dinner on one chair. at the same time.
and not for lack of space... just because.


Yes. Ginger is naked. She is always naked.

I read an article that changed my life; Youre nobody's victim, not even your own.

I am tired and exhausted...
but I am grateful because I have the blessing of being a mom.
Is there anything better than babes in pjs?


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Angela said...

Love all the pictures! Your kids all look quite calm and happy.