Monday, July 25, 2011

A Case of the Sparkles

Ginger woke up with some bug bites on her and
we just couldnt believe it.
We had the house sprayed twice within the last two weeks.

That was at 8 am, at 10 am she had about 18 bug bites.
Wait, that couldnt be right.
Chicken Pox!

Well, if I know one thing about my Ginger- or all toddlers, really -
it's that they are really, really impressionable.

One day I wore a shirt with a bit of sequin on it.
hey it's Vegas, totally acceptable.
Ginger said, Ooooooh, I like your sparkles.
I thanked her and then she pointed to a bug bite and said, I have a sparkle too!

theyre not chicken pox- they are sparkles.
Ooooh and they are so gorgeous!
We keep saying, I like your sparkles.
and she'll look at her arm admirably and say so sincerely, Oh thank you!!

And guess what?! You get to put pretty pink makeup on your sparkles!

I would say this calls for a Sparkle Party!
And whats a party without some candles to blow out?



The cookies were supposed to look like sparkle pox.
And yes the first picture I did want the focus on the cookies.
However the seccond picture it was supposed to be on her happy little face.
Seriously it felt SO good to see the her look so happy as we sang
"Happy Sparkle Day to You"

Willow was a guest of honor, helping her celebrate...
and soon we will help her celebrate.


I think it was a successful happy sparkle day overall.



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