Monday, July 25, 2011

day 3 and 4

Day 3 was clouds.
It was about 8 pm when I realized this...
I was just about to make a run to the store
for diet coke and ice cream.
The sun was going down and I thought,
Oh pretty,
oh crap.
So I ran back in, grabbed the camera and stood in the middle of the street to
take a picture.


Day 4 is Something green.
I went to fremont Street last night with a couple of friends.
friends that are a couple.
a couple that feels like family.

Eric has some camera lenses that will blow your mind.
or at least make you say, Oh cool.
I kept saying, thank you for letting me play with your lenses.
Because seriously, it's really nice when someone lets you play with a toy that
is valuable to them.

Oh heres my green picture...


It's not my favorite picture of the night,
but I forgot about the green challenge and this was all I got.


well I got this one too,
sort of a green tint,

But I do love this picture...


Shout out to Jess.
A picture of you on my blog.
Ask and ye shall receive.

Did I mention I did day three on day four and day four a half hour
before day four.
I just felt like I should be honest.
Ok now to bed, where I am going to snuggle Oliver.

Oh and PS
Ginger has the Sparkles!
Chicken Pox= Sparkles
More on that tomorrow.

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