Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Oh Baby!

Did you think for a second it was ours? Not yet. My brother Ray is having his first child and I am beyond happy for him and his wife. They had a rough time (to say the least) trying to have a child together and they were basically told she wasn't going to be able to get pregnant again (she has 3 from a previous marriage). But they are the epitome of positive energy. In fact, his very intelligent wife lectures globally and has written a few books on this subject. Well they kept the positive thinking going and they are PREGNANT and everything is going along great, the only drawback... They live in England! Way too far away.

I am so happy for them. They are such a great couple and I have so so many fond memories of Ray. He has taught me so much about being your own person. He truly just doesnt care about who you are, where you came from or what you have; He doesnt care what your book cover looks like. I hope Baby Sky River [they're earth lovers:)] inherits that quality. Shamanka, his wife, already has 3 children and I know she's an amazing mother. She is so loving and extremely thoughtful and Ray's perfect compliment!

Sending them Love and Angel Kisses!!


mel or kel said...

yHey alexis it was good to hear from you, I loved seeing your blog, I will be a faithful reader from now on. I will try to get reyn and megan to do a blog (they do have a dog now which is the first step toward parenthood=one step closer to bloghood) we will see, we need to get together before burke and lauren move (1 1/2 more weeks to fit it in) let me know


Brett and Melissa said...

Hey hey... Ok I finally added you... Sorry I am not very good or faithful at this... I will get better... You are so good at postings... well I definitely need your address... we are getting ready to mail out invites soon... YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Harris Family said...

This post totally tricked me! I thought YOU were pregnant when I saw the picture!!

Ashley said...

Hey girl! I thought you might like that amber and I had a little chat! I seriously love her blog, and her pics! So Im sad, I wish we could play this weekend! I am in total need of some pool time and a tan! But we are going up to Panguich...which is by Cedar...to the hot air baloon festival on saturday! I guess it is huge!Question for you though...would you and casey want to come? I know casey works his little heart away so he probably wouldnt be able to get away saturday BUT it would be really fun!!! We wont be going up until saturday afternoon...Let me know what you think!