Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Peggy!!!

Well, anyone who knows my mother in law-Peggy knows...This is a woman who has it together. She has tremendous confidence, unwavering faith and a great sense of humor. The boys (four boys in the family!) will sit around the dinner table and tell their everyday stories (they're all hilarious in their own right) and no matter how outrageous or ridiculous the story- she will just laugh this wonderful genuine laugh (which is a quality I really love in a person). She's an amazing woman that Casey credits for so much of his tremendous qualities- all learned from her example. She's generous and kind and loving. She makes a great roast amongst many other meals and this is a woman tht can put together a fabulous dinner party. And the standing joke (although quite true) is... Boy, can she accessorize! Im constantly coveting her fabulous new Tory Burch shoes or Isabella Fiore handbag. But I saw the true Peggy when I faced the worst trial of my life... I will never forget her empathy and love and support during this most difficult time. She could have easily gone the other way, which was a natural response, but she didn't. She took me to lunch one day and assured me I was going to get through it and gave me great advice... always pray for peace and calm in your heart. And I left knowing I will get through this. I hope that part is not too much info but it really shows the real HER.

So even though she is not in the blogging world, I just wanted to publicly wish her a happy birthday and acknowledge all her amazing qualities.

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