Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ahhhhhh a break to breathe

K (sister) graduated, lots of fam came into fabulous, hot LV and of course Father's Day. We were going non-stop-good non-stop.

It was a beautiful and exciting weekend but I have to admit that being here at Club Couch, just me, my husband and my two children (dogs- whatev- yes I still say whatev, even if it is a H.S. text thing to do), watching Jerry Maguire (which I forgot how good it is, especially the Cuba Gooding Jr "Show me the Money" scene), sucking on a 7up pop... is pure bliss.

Things to do to MaƱana...
  • Download new coldplay album Update: Cd's are typically released way sooner in Russia then US so I get them sooner but Coldplay yet? Nooooo. freak. and whatever other albums that deem worthy of downloading.
  • Go to Smiths to buy Moses' preferred treats (Albertson's didn't have them) I know-pathetic.
  • Go to the pool and read for at least 2 hours. Books- no magazines. That's going to be hard- I like my magazines as much as books but books are betta and I have 7- literally 7 I need to finish.
  • Laundry: ewww, gross, disgusting, awful, terrible. I'd rather drink bleach
  • Clean my floors... again rather drink bleach.
  • FHE
  • Work- Wahoo!
Best picture of the weekend...

My Dad and Casey and their attempt to look "tough".

PS. Can you believe what I consider "the best picture of the weekend" does not include me?
I know I'm shocked too.

Happy Father's Day to my Precious Daddy, My sweet Father in Law- Steve and also to my amazing husband- the future father of our children! I love and adore you guys.


The Swan's said...

Wow awesome job on the fast talking, I wish I could have enough patients to sit and write like you! =) I'm glad you had a great weekend! and hey you never emailed me back!

Ash said...

Love the new look on the Blog! I am glad you had a good weekend HOWEVER...if you would have been here with me like we had originally planned it would have been even Betta!! haha just kidding...kinda... :)