Friday, June 13, 2008

A Bit Of Randomness

  • Let's play Fight Club, If I could fight anyone it would be Heidi Montag, shoot- I'd fight Spencer too and I'd probably whoop his pansy arse. I am tired of their staged photo opp's.
  • I know it's belated but Good Riddance Hillary! All the talk of the first woman pres blah blah, she's as masculine as they get. But Im still on the health care band wagon- I just have some different ideas of approaching it.
  • Thank you Casey, my sweetheart, for going all the way to the Burger Bar at Mandalay Bay to get Zucchini Fries. Simple gifts go a long way.
  • I miss my nieces Keke and Deysha. I'm coming to kidnap you. And you too Tessa, I didn't get my weekly Tessa fix.
  • Dear Dj's, please stop playing "American Boy" (Estelle and Kanye) I absolutly adore that song but you're playing it out!
  • Arizona Raspberry Iced Tea... I Heart You.
  • Congratulations to my sister Kaoni for graduating High School and also to my parents for becoming empty nesters- or close to it.
  • Why are we still reading and hearing about Tori Spelling?
  • How did we exist without DVR or Tivo?
  • Jason Mraz- Love the new album and love you too.
  • Come on Lakers... we can make it to the finals.

I'm sure everyone was on the edge of their seats waiting for my random thoughts. I hope you can sleep well tonight, now that you have them.

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amber marie belmonte said...

thank you! now i can sleep! i've been refreshing this all night :)