Monday, June 23, 2008

Good...Not So Good...Somewhere in the Middle

These are my personal thoughts on what is GOOD and NOT SO GOOD and Somewhere in the middle.
  • Stephanie Meyer's The Host and Emily Griffin's Love The One Your With; and - both very good beach reads- not that I'm near the beach. Someone play a violin for me. Also Urban Outfitters rad edition of Little Women. The cover is outrageously fantastic. Cant find it on the internet but its on sale for ridiculously cheap at the Mandalay store.
  • D&G's new line (not that I can afford it) the plaid is a toss up between classy and cutting edge.
  • Magazines... Elle tops Vogue (Dare I say...)?
  • Vegas Nights, the days are brutal but the nights are perfect!
  • Sunshine...My happiness depends on it. Okay maybe not that extreme but close.
  • Family Home Evening with the Treese's. My sister in law Nikki keeps it perfectly organized and I cannot think of a better way to start the week. I get to see my all Casey's family (my family) and it fills my heart and I get to be around my nieces and nephews which bring me pure joy.
  • Pier One's Patchouli incense and fresh Oriental lilies. The smells of happiness,
  • Jean Paul Gaultier's recent fashion show... Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf... He's a genius...
  • Obama or McCain, I'm having a tough time. The more I learn the harder it is.
  • Staying in Vegas for the rest of my life...hmmmm... not sure about that.
  • My Job...Graveyard is awwwwwful but I can have a somewhat summer vacay.
  • FLDS in the media...oy... Just having LDS in the name pains me.
  • Cops posted up on Paradise (a major street in Las Vegas for those of you who dont live here) nightly. I need that road to go to work. 5 lanes...35 miles an hour speed limit: RIDICULOUS. So far 1 speeding ticket, 2 warnings. Thanks for the warnings.
  • Blogger... having 8 fonts and very limited room for creativity.
  • Where's my dream job? Motherhood is a no-brainer, but in the meantime...
  • Still not being able to pay for my wedding pics. Just like my eyes our bigger than my stomach, my desires are bigger then my wallet. Theyre posted here. Incidentally, event name Casey and Alexis, password 9597, just in case you want to check out the wedding of my dreams.
  • Julia Roberts and her private jet to Cannes, Al Gore and his personal energy crisis. The hypocrisy kills me. I'm all for green and Casey and I are taking baby steps to do our part (trust me we've got a long ways to go) but if youre going to be on a platform and preach or win a dang noble peace prize. Just put your passion into practice.

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Ashley said...

Ali I love your are so creative! :) I love reading it!