Thursday, June 12, 2008

Amber and Ali Reunion

Amber and I were best friends in high school until- lets be frank- I got on my self-righteous high horse and we grew apart. But I finally hopped off the stupid horse and her and I are back on the same page.

Check out the Prom 99 picture-yikes- at least on my end... I had ME SOME BANGIN HAIR.

I cannot tell you how much we laughed together back in the day . And we both agreed that, Dang it! Were funny and if anyone doesn't agree- they don't have a sense of humor (wait- is that the horse speaking). I haven't seen her in four years! So of course the first time is "let me catch you up on our beautiful lives and of course the drama thats ensued in the meantime" but it was still filled with laughs. Amber is a no BS kind of girl- which is so refreshing- no filtering needed. So I cant wait until we get together again and have one of our ridiculous laugh sessions. She recently moved from Illinois to Utah- yay! closer.

So Amber, I love you. You're witty, smart, genuine, giving, beautiful and I hope that we can hang out more and more and more.


Tristen said...

Okay, so I found your blog from Ambers and I just had to have a little laugh about the '99 prom. hehe I love it! The good old days! I can't believe that you married Casey! haha I went on the church history trip with him and Eric. Good times! Fun to read your blog! mine is

amber marie belmonte said...

oh my gosh! you are so adorable! i had SO much fun with you! we'll definitely have to get together next time i'm in town! this post was so sweet... but that first picture!? come on now! :)

The Harris Family said...

Hi are you? I also just found your blog on Ambers. I love finding old friends...I am so glad to see that both you and Csey are doing good. You'll have to tell him I said hi. The prom picture is so funny! I love it!

The Swan's said...

Love the first picture! lol those bangs are stylish! Hope you have a good weekend!

amber marie belmonte said...

it looks awesome! let me know if you need any help getting fun stuff on here :)

hello, my name is amber marie. said...

have you ever googled yourself? well i just did + this post came up... looking at the pictures again, i'm ashamed! WTF! it looks like there's a dead animal on my head. and my posture... AAHHH! i look so annoyed to be having my picture taken. i honestly hardly remember that night... but i know i have pictures too. i feel like diggin' 'em up + scanning some.

i seriously loved that dress when i bought it + now i think it's hideous! i really wish i would have worn black to every dance i went to. which consisted of 2. i think.

wow, i was kind of a loser.