Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Merry Christmas Happy Thanksgiving!

We spent Thanksgiving at my mother and father in law's home this year.
It was just what thanksgiving should be...
Christmas tree
Santa hats
Red and Green Everywhere
Wait, thats not right.
My mother in law decorated early for Christmas.
So I had to keep reminding myself we were celebrating Thanksgiving.
But there was
Tons of amazing food
And we were grateful.
So it was everything Thanksgiving should be.
Peggy is a wonderful hostess
and I always try to take notes on entertaining from her.




The Treese Boys

Treese girls
The Treese Girls



Kristina P. said...

That last picture is so funny!

hello, my name is amber. said...

dang you kristina! LOL... i swore i would be FIRST!

november flew by SO fast! i can't believe it's christmas time already! i'm lacking motivation to get my decorations out this year.

casey's family looks like so much fun! you look AMAZING + stylish and adorable and i want to hate you, but i can't because i LOVE you.

totally missing you. i hope it's not too long until we can visit again!


The Swan's said...

CUte pictures! I'm glad you had a great Thanksgiving! and love the last photo Brennan and I have one just like it when I was prego! lol and I love the boots you have on!

ashley said...

pheeeew! I'm relieved to see this post... i was getting worried... I cant wait for Monday!! YAY, yay, and yay. Did I say yay? Yay!!

Whitney R said...

I love that picture! And I love that RING! Where'd you get it? Oh yeah, I remember. WHY DIDN'T I GET ONE TOO??

and that little girl with a bob is ADORABLE. Oh my, can I have her? I see what you mean with the Treese eyes and I love them! All of the treese boys married beautiful women. My family is hideous compared to that one. :)

and I've put up my tree... but still have pumpkins out... uhhh, so. busy.

I miss your face

(p.s. i kind of sort of (really) want to go to the BS concert. April 14th in Salt Lake... I'm so there. (but isn't your due date right around then? It's 4 days after I graduate - happy graduation to me!)

Whitney R said...

wha? what's goin on monday?

Daniel & Aubri said...

You took the cutest pictures ever! Okay, why is it that I got fat seriously EVERYWHERE and you just have the perfect little belly?! Lucky you! You look perfect!

Alexis and Casey Treese said...

Amber, I think that my trip to Utah was amazing therapy for me. And a lot cheaper then all the visits it would have taken to get the same result. And I feel the same way about you. If I didnt love you, I'd hate you. haha.

Whit, what's BS besides bullshiz. I put the z bc I asked myself WWWD? Thank you for complimenting the Treese family looks, Ill let them know at FHE Sunday, were all into appearances so everyone will appreciate it. Monday, my roommates from SUU are getting together in St. George, I love me a good reunion.

Aubri, thank you for saying those sweet things, because you know the love/hate relationship you have with your pregnant body.

Treese Family said...

Love the pics. Thanksgiving was fun and it did feel like we were having Chritmas dinner. We were even using christmas dishes. I love it.

Life as Ashley said...

Yeah. I'm beginning to think that you live in this world of crazy-beautiful people. You are gorgeous! The Treese boys are a good looking bunch, and the Treese girls/wives but the double T in hotties. Seriously. Do you people have cameras around you all the time? I totally would. Oh, and the kids? Adorable.

The Swan's said...

see ALi I am usually the last min shopper and find the most random things to buy but this year i think what got me in the mood was my mom coming for christmas its been like 5 years since i got to see her on acual christmas so i am so excitted!!