Friday, December 12, 2008


Many have you heard me go on and on and on
about these red boots I'd probably give a kidney for.

Why dont you just by them?!
you ask... tired of my whining.

Well the dilemma is...
no extra money to throw down on these fabulous boots.
However, I do have a substantial credit at,
my favorite shoe site.

These are the infamous Vince Camuto Red boots; style: calder

lovely vince c red

The brick red is perfect, it's edgy but not too rocker chick.
Sorry I am wiping the drool off my computer.
These were on piperlime, in my price range in a size 8
ugh Im a 9 maybe an 8.5 but no dice on the 8.
There is a ever so slight possibility they may reappear if someone returns
one in my size.
I also saw Zappos just put them on sale,
but I dont have a credit there. tear.

They do have them in black, 8.5 only...

vince c black

I love them but the idea of RED boots are really rockin my world right now.

Here's some Calving Klein's off Piperlime that I could get instead...

calvin reds

Yowza! the redness! but definitely a statement.

And here are some black Calvins, still stylish, but pretty "safe"

calvin blacks

And there you go... my superficial conundrum.

Besides...Get a life Alexis.


ashley said...

You are in a relationship with the brick red ones. They are your first and original love. Dont give up on them. You'll never be happy settling for less than perfect. Be strong. Pray for someone to return a 9 on piper or BEG casey for a few extra bucks to just buy the damn things at nordi's! Well, I mean BEG him for a few extra hundred bucks... hmmm... okay I see your dilemma.

Gosh, these boots are getting me all worked up too!! :)

I'm coming to Vegas tonight! YAY!! Maybe I should BEG kurtis to take me back to the planet hollywood shops to buy those ankle boots and jeans that i still dream about at night... yeah right... it wont happen! oh well... I can dream, right?

Oaky, Love ya bye!

The Bells said...

I am jealous, I could NEVER pull that off.
I hope someone returns 9's!

The Robertson Clan said...

i'm with ashley on this one.

you could buy any of the others but they won't make you happy like the brick red ones!!

stick with them.

they want you too.

hello, my name is amber. said...

i think you need to pray about it.

Annie O. said...

Best post ever. Think about Ginger. A happy mama is a happy baby (I have used this one a lot). Plus, those brick red boots really do need you.

The Swan's said...

I say get what you want cause you will regret it later when you could of had the others and 2nd I gotta hand it to ya, pregnant and wearing boots like that! props to you! =)

Whitney R said...

Oh my. I can totally see those boots on you. They are beautiful! I want them. I'm going to go look them up. But they don't have my size it seems.

I think you should wait a little bit and see if a 9 get's returned. Those are perfect and I don't think you would be as happy with any of the others. The black don't look as good as the red. I do like the red Calvin's, though.

Let me know what you do!

Alexis and Casey Treese said...

Wow, you all "get" me... for some reason your comments mean so much to me. You are my true friends, knowing that its the material things in life that bring true happiness.

Now Whitney a special request for you... if you happen to buy these red boots...(now this is very important) I BEG you to wait until I get them to tell me you got them. This will prevent me from breaking the 10th commandment...Thou shalt not covet. So you see how crucial this is to my future (eternally speaking).

Love to all!

Abra said...

I would totally go with the black Calvin Kleins... OR the first pair, which I would fit in... yup.

Life as Ashley said...

Lovin' the boots! So cute, and so totally "you". I agree with everyone else. No reason to settle, you'll always want the first ones. Good Luck! Perhaps you could sell something on your blog to get a fund going. I'm thinking advice on how to be a hot pregnito. No? Well perhaps you can ask Santa.

Victoria Elder said...

OK So when faced with a dilemma such as this I refer back to my favorite movie quote, "There's a difference between like and love. I mean I like my Skechers, but I love my Prada backpack. -
But I love my Sketcher
-That's because you don't have a Prada backpack."
I think there is a lot of wisdom in that quote for shopping rules. You may like them but you'll never LOVE them...get the red they are so HOT! So what piperlime boots do you have? or is there too many to even list? I just bought some 70 dollah boots well Jake bought me them, I just don't know if I LOVE them & I don't wanna hurt his feelings tho :) I love the wanted tripout boots on piperlime you got me addicted to that site I just sit & drool over boots for hours.
If we are ever in Vegas I need Casey to teach my child to skate! I think we are going for the skateboard!

The Sorensen Family said...

Girl you crack me up my little fashionista

hello, my name is amber. said...

i'm laughing at that quote victoria put up! can't remember what movie it's from...

Victoria Elder said...

10 things I hate about you is the movie amber!