Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas is coming


Our tree.
Much more fabulous in person
but you get the idea.


There you go,
the extent of our decorations.
Elton John would be proud...
Feathers and glitter.

Tonight at FHE
I had everyone write out their top 10 wishes
if they were in fact granted 10 wishes...

Later Casey showed me his list.
I had to share.

1. Peace on Earth
2. Good tidings
3. Money in large bags
4. House cleaner/ maid (live in)
5. Lamborghini
6. 10 tailored suits
7. Custom Italian boots. (I guess he's over his vans)
8. 10 kids (what the ?!?!)
9. personal trainer
10. time to read

My favorite is #4, but I would add live in chef, masseuse and driver.

Even though the point of this lesson was to focus on the things
that would bring us eternal joy, not temporal happiness.

But still, a house cleaner/driver/masseuse and driver would be awesome.


The Swan's said...

Love the Tree and yes I think Elton John should be calling you to come visit that Fabulous tree!

Whitney R said...

But his first two things were good enough that the rest could be about as vain as what Paris Hiltons list would look like.

Money in large bags... hahaha, as opposed to small bags? Or no bags? That's funny. But I have to say I agree with all of it. I want the same things for Jaren - tailored suits, Italian shoes and Italian ties (because he has this thing where he will only wear ties made in Italy.... ???)

I want to see your list! And I LOVE your feather tree! Before I read your captions I thought, "that is fabulous and so Alexis" I finally downloaded Kanye's cd and I love it.

I get to go to the Chiropractor today after a whole month (before the longest I had gone in between visits was 2 weeks) and I NEED it. I hope you are having a wonderful happy day/morning today.

Whitney R said...

I just re-read my comment and realized how ADD it was. Random and sentences every which way.

I will clarify, I am listening to Kanye now which is why I felt the need to tell you about the CD.

I have a head ache so I felt the need to share that I was going to the Chiro.

You probably feel so lucky to be my friend.

ashley said...

Love the tree... very sheek! And I totally want to read that book!!

GUESS WHAT!! I get to see you tonight! YAY!! Can't wait for you to get here!! :) Are you going to sleepover? Hopefully! See you in a few hours!

Daniel & Aubri said...

That tree is so freaking cute! I LOVE white trees with bright colors! I think your decorations are most definitely fabulous!

Kristina P. said...

Your place looks so great!

hello, my name is amber. said...

it looks awesome!

so 10 kids, huh? then you guys can be the next john + kate... because they annoy the hell out of me, and you could be called ali&casey + 10 - i know, so ORIGINAL.

i have no motivation to get out my decorations, which i'm hoping will change by the time taylor gets home from school. if i don't bust out the advent calendar soon he'll have only 4 boxes to open before christmas.

your tree really looks great! your decorations are SO YOU! meaning that you are sparkly, shiny, glittery and gorgeous! i love it :)

Victoria Elder said...

Forget Elton (yes, we are so tight we are on 1st name basis, he is Dax's Godfather) I am so proud Glitter & feathers so HOT right now love it!

Life as Ashley said...

I was laughing out loud at the Elton John comment.

You totally have me beat in the decorating department. My mom is the only one keeping the Christmas spirit alive. She even drug my tree from storage in her basement just to have a little decor around here. I know, I'm lame.

Your tree is very original. Love it! Thinking of original trees, I am reminded of another very original tree from my past. When my dad was in his bachelor years [again], he had an apartment. Because he didn't have the time/need for a tree, he would hang [read 'tape'] Christmas lights to the wall in the shape of a christmas tree for when we would come to vist. Funny! Not ghetto at all!

Cheryl Whitney said...

I liked the money in large bags....
ha ha ha -- Love your feather tree! Love the simplicity of decorations....I'm all about simplifying this year!!!!

The Bells said...

Awe, I love your decorations! I was all excited this year because since Aaron and I have been married we have either lived in too small of an apt. to fit a tree or had a Jewish landlord who didn't allow Christmas decorations!
So this year we waited in line (at 5:00 am and 15 degrees) to get a permit and cut our own ridiculously huge real tree down! Only problem is it takes a lot of decorations (= a lot of money) to make a 9-10 foot tree look like there is anything on it.
oh well.
I have decided to "slowly accumulate".
And I am always SO impressed with your FHE dedication. My FHE consists of asking Alta and Finn what they are grateful for and what they wish for. The answer is the same. Bones. Lots of Bones. And Big ones.
Oh I hate Aaron being gone...

The Robertson Clan said...

those are quite the decorations. you have awesome style!!

love the list. money in large bags, peace on earth, a maid...sounds kinda like my list!!

hello, my name is amber. said...

ha! you closed comments above! feels nice, yeah? :)

Lindzie said...

I love your decorations!