Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's about freakin time...

I have been meaning to blog
about my recent trip to Salt Lake.
I spent 5 whole days with these hot ladies

A,A and W

Amber and Whitney

It was incredible.

We met up with some other lovely Utah chicks
including Andrea who I havent seen For E Ver!

We drank bowls of soy chai.
The three of us made time for out laptops, like the nerds we are.
I stole Joe's Dr. Pepper.
Okay, 4 of them.
Amber has her large collection of shoes in separate containers
perfectly organized.
no joke.
Taylor (Amber's adorable son) told me I should bake Casey a cake
since I was gone from home for so long.
He also said Ginger's middle name should be Bread.
Our favorite spot was Amber's HUGE bed in front of their HUGE flat screen.
In fact, we spent A lot of time there,
one night we sat on her bed and talked and giggled until we realized it was
2 am and her patient husband might want his bed and wife back.
We slept in until 11 am
every morning.
Whitney and I watched in awe at Amber's mothering skills.
I was reminded at how eerily alike Amber and I are
and Amber and I tried to take tips from Whitney
on how to be "softer."
I made it through Ikea without "losing it"
Casey would be proud,
as much as I love that store, it brings out my crazy side.

Overall the trip was lovely, serene, therapeutic, hilarious, and exactly what I needed.


Kristina P. said...

I am so jealous of your week with them! It's so great to build lasting friendships.

The Robertson Clan said...

it's so fun to see you and amber be so close again. you two really are a lot alike!

i am so jealous that i wasn't able to see you more while you were time! i'm sure there will be plenty more trips.

glad you had a fun time!! ikea drives me crazy too- always want to run right back out once i get in there. and amber, i think she is pretty amazing too! she's a great mom and wife...oh and friend!!

Whitney R said...

"softer" ahhahaha.

I'm glad you posted about it! It was so much fun and I was telling Amber yesterday on the phone that I want to do it again. If I wasn't in school I'd come to Vegas. Dagnabthiseducatin. TAMNIT!

You forgot how when you and Taylor were pulling things out from that weird old man's head through his ears that he grabbed your ring and thought he had struck gold.

You are amazing and you are going to be an awesome mommy. Wait.. did you mention that we waited till AFTER Joe made us all breakfast to keep him from his wife and bed right before their anniversary?

Were such nice house guests.

Whitney R said...

p.s. - I'm going to try to be "harder" to you tough women.

Whitney R said...

not TO you, but LIKE you.

Not only do I not know how to speak properly I don't know how to type.

hello, my name is amber. said...

shall i comment on here or in person this afternoon? ;)

that weekend was so much fun + i needed it SO SO MUCH!

you failed to mention that i have a large collection of shoes, THAT I NEVER WEAR. i really need to get out more! LOL :)

i loved just hanging out on my bed! and since i don't have a tv in my living room... it's become the living room.

definitely need to work on being 'softer' ;) i love that about whitney!

ginger 'bread'! i almost forgot about that! i can't believe we didn't think of that SOONER! he seriously cracks me up.