Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thankful List

My friend Jessica posted 50 things they're grateful for and I loved it so I am being totally unoriginal and ripping off her idea.

So here's our list... definitly in no particular order.
1. internet
2. warm chai
3. Moses and his crazy personality
4. Sammy and his mellowness
5. iphones
6. forgiveness from our loved ones
7. Ginger
8. Vanity Fair and W
9. Celebrity Rehab and Steven Adler
10. the economy (this one was Casey's... I gave him a confused look for obvious reasons... his reply, "Just put it down, it's profound.")
11. the early pioneers (again, casey)
12. Books. And our awesome collection.
13. new socks
14. Piperlime
15. our families, of course
16. our friends
17. our jobs
18. the lessons we've learned about money since weve been married (i.e. dont ignore your gas bill 2 months in a row).
19. looking for our new home
20. elevators
21. the gospel
22. The singles ward (where we met)
23. unisom -a pregnant woman's dream come true.
24. the constitution (casey is thinking really hard about his answers)
25. skateboards
26. The Rolling Stones
28. straightening irons
29. Those red boots that keep me motivated to work.
30. FHE
31. swimming pools
32. our church calling which has taught us a lot about patience and how to deal with rowdy kids. (Our kids call Casey "the fun one")
33. irons
34. Tylenol PM
35. I had to delete this one- it was Casey's answer- a guys answer- Im sure you can figure it out.
36. Books on cd (otherwise driving would be a hellish experience)
37. Our dogs learning new phrases like "Go to your bed." and "Go Pee." (we have to tell moses to go pee otherwise he just smells bushes).
38. candles
39. Ginger kicking- it definitely helps with the anxiety
40. our new duvet cover
41. DVR
42. deodorant.
43. our gap discount (thanks Peggy!)
44. cheesecake
45. gadgetry
46. Dr. Pepper
47. target
48. Shark Steamer
49. Gillette Fushion Razor
50. As previously mentioned because I cant stress it enough... our faith, our families, our friends and the upcoming arrival of Ginger. Because all the material things mean nothing compared to these blessings.



hello, my name is amber. said...

gadgetry? pretty sure i'm thankful for that too.

and i'm thankful for YOU. pretty much more than you'll ever know. i just love you to itsy bitsy pieces.

and #35? you had to delete HOT STEAMY SEX? that's alright, i'll just put it in your comments. your welcome.

izzie always waited for me to tell her to go pee too! she needed permission or something. weirdo dogs.

very excited to see you tomorrow. i'll probably look like i haven't slept, since i'm going to the mall at midnight. what's that? i'm crazy? yeah, i know.

glad you're stocked up on chai, cause i need some.

hello, my name is amber. said...

by the way, casey... you're answers WERE extremely profound! i remember in high school ali saying that she totally wanted to marry a guy that was thankful for the constitution. true story!

Life as Ashley said...

Great list! Glad you married someone who loves his country and SEX so much. Great Combo! :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Whitney R said...

I love this list!

I am also thankful for you!

I can't believe 35 was so far down on your list. Oh wait.. you said no particular order... ooOoookaayy..

The coolest thing is that as I was reading this It all made sense - what you put. And I knew why you put them. The red boots, piperlime, chai, gomusic - that I am so grateful for too!

I hope you had a great day yesterday and a fun today today with Amber! I miss you both!

Kristina P. said...

I loved the Celebrity Rehab/Steven Adler answer. I don't know if that would make my Top 50, but close.

Alexis and Casey Treese said...

hahahaha, How'd you guys guess 35? Or right you're married.

Amber thanks for letting Casey know about my prerequisite for finding a husband. he must be grateful for the constitution. I even prefer he carry a pocket constitution at all times. Those do exist you know.

Ashley, your comment had Casey cracking up!!

Whitfriend... I wish you could be here too!! And maybe whip up some pitackets of love.

Kristina... Steven Adler should have been number one. He makes me laugh so hard and simultaneously want to hug him and tell him its all going to be all right.

ashley said...

good list ali... good list!

I have to second Amber by saying that I too am so thankful for you!! I'm so happy we have remained friends for all these years! And that even though the times we get to actually see eachother are few and far between.. our friendship is always just as awesome! I love ya! :)

Corynn said...

I'm with you on so many things. pools, straight irons, candles. What would I do without my DVR or my internet. Maybe that's why I can handle Beaver. I pray daily that they will put a Target in Cedar, I know it won't happen, but I can hope.I hate Walmart. It's ok to be grateful for awesome sex. It could be bad. So that is definately something to be grateful for.Love ya!