Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My 2 cents in case youre interested.

1. As much as I HATE the days leading up to Nov 4th.
I woke up today totally giddy.
I have a love/hate relationship with politics.
I feel like there is so much propaganda and I cant get straight information from anyone.
Politicians, reporters, journalists.
On the other hand.
I still love and am grateful for democracy.
And I understand the WEIGHT of presidential elections.
BUT I showed up to vote today and found out I COULDN'T
because I changed my last name when I got married
and didnt do the appropriate paperwork
or check the appropriate box.
I feel so unpatriotic.
PS its Obama 3 McCain 8 as of right now.
Which means nothing, just an FYI.

2. I am not a fan of the Beatles.
I dont not like them I just feel neutral about them.
The Rolling Stones on the other hand...
Best Music Ever.
Back to the Beatles...
I am obsessed with Pop culture history.
And Biographies.
So now I am reading the just released "John Lennon The Life".
I've read a lot of negative about him so I am interested what this has to say.
You should read it with me.
Or I'll just tell you the highlights when I am done.

3. I always order extra ice at the drive thru
and never freakin get it.
It's so dang annoying.

4. My lower back is killing me.
I thought that didnt happen until the 8th month
when you are huge.
Guess not.

5. I still watch and love Grey's Anatomy.
But the lesbian storyline... I hate.
Let me be clear.
I dont care that there is a lesbian relationship.
But I hate the too much information.
Basically the explicit sexual information.
It SO unnecessary.
But I just found out via the gossip gangsta
that Dr. Erica Hahn is out!
Her last episode is Thursday
and I am not sad at all about it.

6. People are SO MUCH more kind and warm
to pregnant women.
It's amazing.
I am now considered approachable.

Thats it.


Kristina P. said...

That sucks about not being able to vote! And I have to say, I'm a Beatles fan.

Whitney R said...

These are great things. I love your thoughts.

I'm sorry about not getting to vote. Were you bummed about not getting a sticker? I am...

I would totally read the Bio with you, but that would put me neglecting reading super boring text books, so come April I'll read books with you.

I COMPLETELY agree with you on the Grey's thing. TMI! So Haun's (howEVER you spell that) off the show? One more episode?? Probably because that crazy army guy took her paycheck. I'm not sad about it either. The pig thing made me sad last time.

If your pregnant it must mean you are loving, because you had to love someone to get that way. Well, you could technically not be in love with someone but.. that's beside the point. Because you have a very cute belly you have to be loving, so people aren't afraid of you being mean. I'm sure that's it. I should be a psychologist!

Sorry about your back. I'm a regular Chiropractor visitor so I hope to get some help with that come pregnant time. But first they have to fix my already existing problem.

Oh, I'm also very good at massaging (is that creepy?) so when we meet if your back is still bothering you I can help.

I should be a therapist AND a masseur!

For some reason I really like leaving SUPER LONG comments on your blog. Hope you don't mind. :D

bless me. (I really have been sneezing all day. Better NOT be getting sick)

Victoria Elder said...

oooO! I love pop culture history as well! I am more of a realistic reader than fairytale vampire stuff, I too have been interested in reading john lennon the life! I've considered it seriously. I love biographies especially on bad- A's! Hmm I totally wanna get preggo again so people will be nice to me & talk to me :) Are you taking any prenatal classes? they usually show your man how to rub out those lower back aches OR I guess if your desperate you could ask whitney to drive there & rub it for ya!

Daniel & Aubri said...

You crack me up! But I'd have to say that I LOVE these posts of your's! I'm sorry about not voting...at least you're registered- I totally wasn't last election and I felt awful! So isn't being prego the best thing ever?! Well minus the weight gain, but I swear people are the nicest ever!!! Like everytime I went shopping and had to cross the parking lot, I swear EVERY car stopped for me! (Maybe cause they knew if they hit me I'd leave a huge-a dent in their car...so maybe it wasn't worth it to them. Ha ha!) Your back hurts cause you're so dang skinny and your body's just not used to carrying some extra weight- think of it as a good thing!

hello, my name is amber. said...

i have nothing clever to say.
i am tired.
but i was here, and i love you.
more than all the telemarketers in the world!

Binghamz said...

Did people think you were unapproachable before you were pregnant? If they did they were sorely mistaken. They were missing out. Sorry for not getting the chance to vote!

Whitney R said...

Victoria! Desperate! :O!

Just for that I'm telling you my word verification.


that's right.

The Swan's said...

Love this post and sad we have oboma as a president love Greys also hate the whole sex part of the lesbo relationship and glad people are nice to the cute pregnant girl! thats all! have a great day! =)

Alexis and Casey Treese said...

Kristina. As much as I wish everyone was exactly like me, it's okay you're a Beatles fan,

Whitney. Thank you for your psychological opinion. And I didn't even have to pay $60 for it. ( dont ask me why I know how much it costs to see a therapist) And I think you should come to vegas today and we'll get pedicures and then you can give me a massage. I've said to Casey 10 times that my back hurts hoping he'll offer to rub it but he just says,"Im sorry babe." I suppose I'll just spell it out for him tonight... Give me a back rub or I'll poke your eyes out!

Victoria. Read with me!!

Aubri. I laughed so hard at your comment. Big dents in the car... HAHAHAHA. youre hilarious.

Amber. Your comment was boring. But that was the first time thats ever happened so I'll give you a free pass.

Aubrey. I do think I was considered unapproachable. I hear this a lot... "when I first met you, I thought you were a ..." fill in the blank.

Christal. We should eat sushi to celebrate Dr. Hahn's departure.

hello, my name is amber. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
hello, my name is amber. said...

ok i deleted that.
it should have been an email.
the end.

Life as Ashley said...

I meant to leave a comment yesterday, but the kid was screaming. Since I always leave long comments here, I figured my one-handed chicken pecking wasn't going to work in typing it out.

My back hurt really early on in my pregnancy too. I got this body pillow that was a huge horseshoe shape, and it was like a dream! I kept it around (and continued to add more pillows) throughout the pregnancy. My husband hated it. I didn't care. :) If I could have replaced him with a nice fluffy pillow, I probably would have. What? We have a comfy couch. I'm sure he'd be fine.

Oh, and Jeff is horrible at massages. If he takes the hint that I want one, it lasts about 15 seconds, and is horrible anyway. Oh well.

Daniel & Aubri said...

So this has nothing to do with your post but you're the only one I know that watches Stylista and I have to say, what the heck?! I loved Cologne! STUPID KATE! Ha ha...just had to vent :)

Alexis and Casey Treese said...

Aubri!!! I know. I couldnt believe the drama last night. I was shocked to see Cologne go. The first episode I felt bad for Kate and made up my mind to support her but then she revealed how CONSISTENTLY OBNOXIOUS she is and I can no longer back her up. I am glad I have someone to talk to this about.

jessica said...

Yea... I'm an idiot.

:) At least I saw the err of my ways, eh? ♥

Daniel & Aubri said...

Seriously!! It was intense! Next week looks pretty crazy too with Ashlie and all...I think she's my new favorite by the way. Oh and what the heck was up with Megan befriending Kate?! Ugh, she disgusts me! I totally felt bad for Kate after the first episode too. That was before I realized how LAME and down-right retarded she was! She really doesn't know anything...

Ashley said...

Thanks for keeping our secret from the po-po's! :)

So we on for next weekend still? I'll rub your back...

Alexis and Casey Treese said...

Ashley. YES!!!!! I am SOOOOOOOO looking forward to it. I need some girl time.