Monday, November 24, 2008

A week in review

1. I love this girl.
Ashley came in town last weekend and gave me some much needed girl time.
We shopped.
Well she shopped, and I wished.

101_0547 (2)

What big belly?

101_0564 (2)

This is at Red Mango. Mmmmmmmm.
I can't explain the pose.

101_0552 (2)

2. I saw Twilight.
I really liked Edward the movie.

3. Got Kanye's 808's and heartbreaks cd.
Totally in love with it.
Amazed and impressed at his talent.
Almost as much as he is.

4. Im sick.
Everybody feel sorry for me.

5. My John Lennon bio...
So far so good.
Finally finished with the childhood part,
which in my opinion is the most boring part.
Read about Clapton introducing cannabis (that's what the author referred to it as)
to the Beatles.
Which I have already read about in Pattie Boyd's bio and Clapton's bio.

6. Looking for a new place to live.
Were moving in January.
Casey sent me an email with his first choice.

rv 1

I guess for $475 a month he's willing to make some sacrifices.

That's all for now, cant wait to blog about the Utah trip I am currently enjoying.


Kristina P. said...

Sounds like a fun week! Love the camper idea.

The Dynamic Trio said...

I really don't think you could get any cuter.

The Swan's said...

Love the new ride! Brennan and his friend corey bought one just like it when we first got married lets just say your is nicer! lol and I made them get ride of it! Cute bag btw and yes the sushi place missed your presence, I cant wait to go with ya!

Life as Ashley said...

You are officially he cutest prego ever.

Really enjoyed getting to hang out with you briefly this weekend. Your personality just shines! Loved it!

Oh, and let's tell Casey that the motorhome idea...not so good. Unless it means you can come park it somewhere up here in Utah!

Victoria Elder said...

Wow your dang flexible for being a preggers! You are frickin adorable & I loved meeting ya this weekend! haha I am so thinking about ordering boots from piperlime, well that's what I am goin to ask for, for xmas! What brands are your boots? I loved them!

Whitney R said...

Okay, good. So glad that you still plan on blogging about your Utah trip because I was thinking.... that's it? I'm kind of subliminally mentioned in Twilight and "I'm sick" cause I knew that.

I'm jealous about Amber's pot pie... So sad I missed it, that we didn't make it when I was there!

ashley said...

When you mentioned "what big belly" i'm sure you are referring to mine... GEEEEZ!! Can we say rolley polley?! The camera totally adds ten pounds (at least thats what i'll tell myself!)

I am sorry you're feelin sick! :( That's no good!

I love the camper idea... tell casey that would put him right in his element...i've always thought of him as the trailer type!! :)

Love you!

lauren said...

You are so funny you make me happy. So for a little less than $500 an month I think you could do better. :) Is Utah really cold? I'm going there next weekend for my moms suprise 60th bday party and I am a wimp so I'm not looking forward to being cold. FYI my mom lives here but her friends of over 30 years all live in Utah. Didn't want to confuse you.

Lauren Soffe said...

I love how you conveniently placed the purse right in front of your belly. nice one, but you don't fool me! I know there's a baby in there.
p.s. I dated a guy who lived in a trailer. We don't have to get into details, but I'm telling you, it has the potential to be a pretty sweet pad!
miss you guys!

The Robertson Clan said...

i am sad that we didn't hang out more when you were here...i was hoping for some ashley moments!!

those are cute are so cute pregnant! and not pregnant too!

i am going to be in vegas. hopefully you can walk over and visit!!

Whitney R said...

So I came on here to leave a comment so you could label me, but then forgot that I clicked on your blog and left it up for a few minutes... So umm, I'm the one from a podunk town in Idaho that was in here about 8:37ish your time?

I can't wait for your Utah trip blog! I need to do one... either tomorrow, or Friday.

Binghamz said...

ok so I totally love that blue bag you are holding! And I also noticed you hid your tummy. you are so cute pregnant you don'tneed to do that!