Monday, November 10, 2008


Last year I was sick.
My body was a mess.
And what I was trying was working against me.
So I decided to spend some time in Mt. Shasta
I stayed with my grandfather and my great grandmother.
They are the healthiest people I know.
While I was there I literally ate three things.
Homemade tortillas.
Which my Great Grandmother has been making for 90 years.
So you can imagine how amazing they are.
and fruit.
And I only drank water straight from the springs.
I had massages.
Pressure point treatment.
I even had my chakras read for the experience.
My grandfather gave me a great gift and sent me to see
a man, Gary Bianconi.
He was incredibly wise and knowledgeable about the human body and spirit.
We keep in touch.
This is a video he sent me

About Wisdom.
Which we can all use.

I loved this sentence...
We cant get to wonderful without passing through alright.
and this one...
The answer to difference is to respect it.
What was your favorite part?


Kristina P. said...

Homemade tortillas sound delicious!

Whitney R said...

your best work is expressing yourself, you may not be the greatest at it... can't remember the rest!

I liked that one :)

Massages sound wonderful.

I hope you are feeling better now.

My word verification is woollo, hehe

Alexis and Casey Treese said...

Whitney, at first I thought you were telling me...My best work is expressing myself. And I was flattered. But then I realized you were telling me your favorite part. Which I love that you did that because usually people ignore my comment requests... Ahem Kristina.
Still if I listen to that wisdom it is true... my best work is expressing myself.
I know massages are THE BEST!!

The Robertson Clan said...

my two favorites were:

love something.

if you are willing to offer your life for it than you might actually get something done.

what an incredible story and what a great video. thanks for sharing.

The Bells said...

Wow how blessed to be able to spend time up there to heal. Hope you are well now. That sounds so neat. Sometimes I wish I knew more about that and didn't have to always rely on modern medicine which tends to create more problems as it "fixes" the original ones.

"I think it's love. Sounds sentimental as hell but it's love."

That was my favorite part. And Willie Nelson too. Willie's got crazy wisdom. I love it. Thanks!

Life as Ashley said...

Wow! What an experience. I'm sure your time with your grandparents will stick with you forever. What a great way to remember them when they are gone--people who healed you...

My favorite thing about this post (besides seeing in my google reader that you had posted) was:

1. The same comment Whitney commented about. Ha, ha! When I first read her comment I thought she was talking about you expressing yourself well then in the same sentence saying you aren't the greatest at it (I read the comments before watching the video). I was, Whitney has a mean streak (I knew it just couldn't be!).

I also liked "Love Something" (how true--even if it's just yourself!)

And..."The answer to difference is tolerance" (or something like that).

Last but not least...something about the world being "terrifying and incredibly wonderful" (paraphrasing)...."but I'll take both thank you very much." How true! We aren't who we are without going through both!

Awesome post. Hope you (and Kol-log-knee) are doing well! Thanks for sharing this with us.

Word Verification: encecubo (apparently it's as hard to type as it is to say). Second word: grailigo (could these get any cooler?) Here I go again...wish me luck....

Life as Ashley said...

Ummmm? Why did I number the first thing 1., and then nothing else? I'm running on very little sleep. Very little. :)

Word verification: yarto

Daniel & Aubri said...

My favorite was, "We don't stop doing things because we get old, we get old because we stop doing things."

I hope I never stop doing things!

Whitney R said...

I came on to see if you replied to my comment, which you did. Awesome. And you really do do a good job at expressing yourself, but as for me? I'm not very good at expressing myself.

Ashley! I'm not mean.. sarcastic sometimes (check out my post for tomorrow) but never mean :)

And I had to comment again because the Word Verification is... wait for it...

NOZES. hahahahaha!

we all are a bunch of nozes that get picked! (at least those of us who are married) I know.. bad joke...

Can't wait for the pictures of Ginger Cologne!

Lauren Soffe said...

sometimes it's terrifying and sometimes it's incredibly beautiful and I'll take both, Thanks.

I need to remember that because usually I just want the incredibly beautiful and end up with the terrifying. I need to learn to appreciate both.

Can I please stay with your grandparents? because my body is pretty jacked up as well and is in serious need of some chakra readings.

ashley said...

Oh Ali....

Guess what tomorrow is....


YAY!! Can't wait! See you around 5 or 6ish! I will call you when i'm on my way so you know when to expect me!! :)

Corynn said...

It's about being decent.

Respect Difference don't fight it.

change has to be in the heart.

Life is not perfect. Just take it and make the most of it.

I love the last one because. I think the older I get the more I realize how comeplete not perfect it is. And isn't that exactly what we're asked to do make the most of it. When I die I just want to be able to look back and know that I did my best with what I had. With the beautiful and the ugly things that happened. Just a note. I think Wisdom is being your best to do Gods will. Having faith that it will be better in the end. Because you did it his way and not yours. Am I so gay because a minute in to that I realized I wouldn't be able to remember anything if I didn't write down. I totally took notes. I know I'm such a dork.