Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What Im loving

  • Coconut rice krispie treats, sourdough pretzels, string cheese and caffeine free diet coke. Seriously, these are my four food groups.
  • knitting 3 rows, undoing it and knitting them again. Im working on my tension.
  • The Book Thief... My SIL Nikki recommended it, 50 pages into it and Im already hooked.
  • The Boppy... how can something so simple be so genius?
  • swaddle blankets from Gap and Gymboree
  • Sleep Sacks
  • The very few nights I only have to wake up 2 times.
  • looking at home design blogs
  • A changing table I bought off craigslist for 15 bucks! Its my new project, its going to be fabulous when Im finished with it.
  • Pledge four in one cleaner, its pretty awesome.
  • This website Cool Mom Picks
  • This website Color Lovers, its awesome, it shows you how to pair colors together, colors you wouldnt even imagining of pairing.
  • Living close to our families. I really feel for new moms who dont have help.
  • The Real Housewives of New York...Scandalous!
  • Sally Hansen nail pens, never has painting your nails been so easy.
  • Gap's new t shirts
  • Huge bows... I know some people hate them, but its my baby so get over it. :) And PS if youre not a fan of my fashion choices for G (including the bow) keep it to yourself, maybe its the hormones but, man, it pisses me off.
  • Candice Olsen from Divine Design, my favorite designer ever.
  • Being part of the Mom Club... it's like a whole new world opens up to you.
What I am NOT lovin...
  • the lack of sleep (obviously) Im SO tired.
  • When Ginger is screaming in the car and there is nothing I can do about it.
  • not having a camera (Casey has one that he apparently needs for work or he'll die.) but it's super frustrating not having one when you have a new baby. Im getting pissed just thinking about it.
  • not being able to nap because my body is retarded and just wont let me sleep during the day.
  • my tiny trunk that barely fits my stroller. Its painful trying to shove it in.
Okay that's it for now.


amber belmonte. said...

omg i'm sorry about the flower headband comment! i swear i didn't mean it to piss you off! i don't care if you want to strap a pot of flowers to her head.. you're right.. it's YOUR BABY! and she's adorable no matter what!

i can tell you're lacking sleep.. can't wait to give you a break next week. the beginning is hard for lots of moms.. you're NOT ALONE! love + miss you!

see you soon :)

Mom101 said...

We're so honored that Cool Mom Picks has made your love list!

And ohmigawd housewives? Insanity. I watched the episode twice just to be sure I didn't miss anything good.

The Bells said...

Your blogs and emails are so helpful! (oh yeah, and entertaining)

Glad everything is still going well. I cannot believe that Ginger is a month old already!!!!! That went SO fast.

I can't wait to come down and see you guys. At the blessing hopefully!!!!!

Daniel & Aubri said...

I LOVE reading your blog, it seriously makes my day! You crack me up! Oh and seriously, you can call me whenever if you need me to watcher little Ginger for you. Maybe if she's out of the house you could try to nap...??? I was like you though, could NEVER nap during the day and the sad part is, I would mostly just watch Emmett sleep...lame. Anyways, we NEED to get you a camera cause I'm dying without Ginger pictures!