Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Middle Place

I have read a lot of good books
and a few great books.

The Middle Place by Kelly Corrigan
is a GREAT book.

I decided to read it because it got such fantastic reviews.
But I was skeptical.

Its a memoir about a woman
who is a mother
a wife
a daughter

who has
and a father whom she adores
with cancer.

The middle place means the place between being a mother and a daughter.

I was skeptical because I thought I couldnt relate.
Im not yet a mother and I thankfully (100 times thankfully)
do not have cancer or a very close family member with cancer.
And I thought that I didnt struggle with "the middle place"... but I realize I have.
and I will.
And in fact I related more to her story than I imagined.

The point is I rarely if ever blog about books.
But I have to blog about The Middle Place.
I want you to read it.

This is a video of a few words read by Kelly,
and if my magical book review didnt persuade you to read her book
maybe seeing who she is and what she thinks, will.

Baby Update...
My last appointment was Monday.
She said I was almost dilated to a 3.
I didnt know they measured in terms of "almost"
So perhaps I'm at a 2.5 or 2.75?
I'm guessing she told me "almost at a 3" because I sort of
mentioned if she said the number 2 I was going drive my car off a cliff.

She then proceeded to "aggravate my cervix"
If you dont know how that's done
use your imagination.
And when your imagining... include in your thoughts...
horrible pain and climbing up the table to escape the "aggravation".
She then said she'd see me in less than 48 hours, at the hospital, where
she was certain I'd end up.
It's now 6 days later.
I am sitting in my new fabulous glider
not yet holding baby Ginger.

I am grumpy and uncomfortable
and I have an awful attitude about the whole thing.
And the thing is... I'm not even due yet!
Im so lame.
So I apologize if anyone has been on the receiving end of it.
And if you are one of the mothers that maintained a positive, lovely attitude
throughout your pregnancy... I salute you.


Victoria Elder said...

Book sounds interesting & so does Kelly, she shall be put on my reading list. I LOVE that you told your Dr. you were going to drive your car off a cliff, I'll have to remember that one for next time I am prego & don't wanna hear that I am a 1 over & over. blegh well the waiting game sucks, Good luck with everything hope she comes soon!

the robertson clan said...

thanks for the book day when i have time to read again that one will totally be on my list!

the last few weeks of your pregnancy is so hard! i feel for you. she will be here before you know it though. when is your due date again??

commercialcase said...

apology accepted..

question: Can you ground your kids before their born? Maybe keep a tab or something until she's old enough to go to her room and think about what she's done..

amber belmonte. said...

that book sounds fabulous, i have lots to read + catch up on once i'm finished unpacking. i've been a CRAZY person the last week. EVERYTHING MUST BE CLEAN // EVERY BOX MUST GO // EVERRRYYYTHING MUST BE PUT AWAY... or else SOMEONE is getting their head chopped off. i'm sure i'm tons of fun to live with right now ;)

i'm sorry you're so miserable. the end seriously sucks. hard.

yeah, when the crap is your due date? i thought march something... and then noticed on facebook that you told someone feb22, and i thought 'SWEET' - we'll totally share birthday time - but still no ginger bread. i just figured she'd want to arrive fashionably late.


i'm sending you good thoughts + hugs + foot massages through the internet :)

Life as Ashley said...

Casey's comment had me giggling.

Due to your advice, I chose this book as my book club book. I'm sure it won't disappoint!

I was induced a week early, and I remember still being crabby about it. Yeah, and I learned about their "almost" sizing. I entered the hospital a 2.5 when I was scheduled to be induced. After an hour or two of pitocin, nothing changed. They broke my water, and I became a 3. 12 hours of serious contractions and numerous [fun] checks, I still measured a 3. When the doctor came in the last time to check me before deciding on a c-section, he called me a "really tight four." I was like, Seriously? Really tight four? Isn't that just a glorified 3? I think he was afraid I was going to rip his head off. In reality I was fine. Just hungry. :)

Hang in there. She'll be there soon. I see Amber has coined the phrase gingerbread. Can I use Gingersnap? Sounds sassy! Just imagine me saying it and snapping my fingers. JK. Gingerbread is cuter. Good luck!

Whitney R said...

I think I'll read that book when I finish school. My grandma has cancer and its a miracle she's alive right now. I think I'll be able to relate...

Except for the mommy part - YET.

I'm sorry about no ginger baby. She will come soon. Maybe you need to do some more "aggrivating"? Have they stripped your membranes? Or was that her "aggrivating" it? I keep waiting, every day, for some news that your in labor!!

I can only sympathize with you.. I'm sorry :(

But I still love you, even though you are grumpy. Because if I don't have food in my belly - I am too.

Whitney R said...

Oh, Ashley, Amber stole it from her 6 year old son.


amber belmonte. said...

true story :)
taylor is responsible for gingerbread.

The Swan's said...

I feel so sorry for you I hope your water breaks for crying out loud! I dont know whats worse having your water break at home and not being dialated to anything an dhaving to wait at the hospital forever with NO food! or being a 3 but no water broken! ahhh! the end sucks! tell them to pop ur water by the end of the week if it doesnt maybe do some jumping jacks! =) good luck!

Treese Family said...

I think the end is the worse. Probably makes is harder that your Dr. keeps telling you a day and than nothing happens. Ginger didn't want to share the month of Feb. Aleast you know she'll be born in March. Can't wait to see her.

Daniel & Aubri said...

I'll have to read that! I'm always up for a good book so feel free to always talk about books!

Don't feel bad about being grumpy! I swear I went to bed pissed every night for the whole last month cause I hadn't had him. The last month...or 9...are the worst! I'm so sorry but I seriously can't wait to see baby Ginger!

Life as Ashley said...

Good Luck tomorrow. The Treese family will be in my thoughts! :)