Thursday, March 19, 2009

Our other kids

If you know me
you know I really love my dogs.

I was so worried about how they would react to Ginger.
I knew Sammy would be fine
but I was concerned about Moses.
He is very needy and is used to being the center of attention.

Sammy reacted as expected...
He is so darling but the dog is clueless.
I imagine if I asked him how he felt about the new baby,
if he could reply he'd ask, "What baby?"

Moses on the other hand surprised me.
He is so sweet with her.
He walks gently around her.
When we come home he always peers inside the car seat to see her.
And he looks so concerned when she cries.
She doesn't seem to be afraid of him
so I am a happy mama.


And here is Sammy enjoying his favorite part of having a new baby...
new comfortable sleeping options.



Life as Ashley said...

Awwww! So glad the WHOLE family gets along!

Hope you are doing well!

Daniel & Aubri said...

So cute! I love that car seat cover little Ginger has! Isn't it crazy how dogs like "know" when it's a baby puppies are so gentle too...well on they are on the rare occassion that I take E outside to see them:) Glad all is well, Alexis!!

amber belmonte. said...

what a good boy moses! :)

The Bells said...

Ahhh it's so reassuring to know other people out there feel the same way about their dogs! I already worry about how my dogs will deal with the new baby. One will be super protective and one will probably think she's a toy.

p.s. thanks to you guys Aaron thinks our family needs a chiuaua. :)

The Swan's said...

Thats good the dogs like her but how could u not she is so cute and sweet! and I love the car seat cover where did you dins it??

Victoria Elder said...

WOW adorable car seat cover! Looks like moses is rocking her car seat! He is too cute!

Whitney R said...

:) that's so sweet! I love the car seat! hahaha, I can't wait to see pictures of the outfits you put on her :)

ashley said...

ahhh, sweet, sweet moses! i'm glad he is watchin out for ginger! and sammy... lil sammy... what a doll. :)

I Looooove that car seat cover!! Holy Holy, it is Soooo cute! i want one! oh, wait... I probably should have a baby first to put in it... yeah, i'll get workin on that soon! :)

The Dynamic Trio said...

That is so stinking cute. And i am in love with that car seat. Only you alexis. :) awesome.

The Sorensen Family said...

That is so sweet. However, let focus on more important matters. Where did you get that car seat cover or who made it because I need it for my big girls in a bad way:)