Monday, March 2, 2009

Here We Go

I decided to be induced...


I cant believe it.
I am so thrilled to finally see her.

I just keep thinking...
Holy Cow, Tomorrow, I will be holding my daughter in my arms.

Now to be a bit sentimental with you guys.
I know I have complained a lot throughout the past 9 or so months
but I have loved sharing this experience with all of you through my blog.
Yesterday everyone's comments made me smile and laugh.
You are all so loving and helpful and it's great to have such a great support system.

You have helped me with your advice of what to buy.
and what not to buy.
You didnt make fun of me for choosing the name Ginger.
You didnt tell me to stop whining.
You related to my sob stories.
And most of all you have shared my anticipation and excitement.

And I LOVE YOU GUYS for it!!

So, here we go...


Rachelle Carling said...

Ali... I can't believe it's here! I have totally enjoyed seeing you through your pregnancy journey. You are an amazing girl and I am so excited for you! You will truly be the best Mom ever. So, here's wishing you all the best luck tomorrow.

CONGRATS chickie! I can't wait to see pictures.

Victoria Elder said...

Gingerbread or Gingersnap...will be here tomorrow YAY!!! I hope you'll twit through labor & keep us all updated! Can't wait to see pics she is going to be soo cute!!! I would say try to sleep but I am sure your WAY too excited! Everything is going to be great! Way happy for you!

Life as Ashley said...

Ummm...I'm an idiot. I wished you luck on your post below. Sorry.

Lindzie said...

Good luck! You soon will be three...I hope everything goes great!

Kaydi Rae said...

Holy schmoly, my little Alexis is going to be a mommy! I'm sooo excited for you! Best of luck with the induction, I know you'll do great. Can't wait to see pictures of Ginger (love, love, love that name by the way.)

Nikki, Cody, and Tessa said...

Keep us updated! Can't wait to see little baby Ginger...and, enjoy that first day, it goes by all too quick. Congrats already!!!!

the robertson clan said...

this is so exciting ali!! good luck tomorrow. i almost cried at your post...seriously brought back so many memories. as mush as i don't want to be sentimental i have too. the second you hold ginger in your arms everything will be worth it. you'll do great tomorrow. i will be thinking about you all day!!

all of us can't wait to see your gorgeous daughter!

The Bells said...

Wow! I can't believe it's finally here. We are so happy for you guys. Good luck with everything, we will be thinking about you guys all day. We can't wait to meet her! We know you will both make incredible parents.

Please keep us posted throughout the day. And early congrats too!

The Swan's said...

I cant wait to see her! how excitting! good luck get some rest before!

jamie said...
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The Dynamic Trio said...

Aw Ali!!! Congratulations. You will be the most incredible mother. Your daughter is one very lucky individual to have such a pure spirited mother. Love ya darlin! I'm excited for the moment you get to look into your daughter's eyes for the first time. :)