Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ginger's first vacation

Last minute- a couple weeks ago- we decided to go visit Johnny and Marsha in California.
Good thing it was last minute
otherwise I would have thought of a million
different reasons why I shouldnt take my two month old on a road trip.
Possible meltdown in the car which would result in my very certain meltdown,
which would result in my husband hailing a cab home.
Possible blowout, bad sleep habits, non stop crying.
The list is endless.

I had a talk with Ginger prior to our visit because the truth is I really want Marsha
to get pregnant.
It went like this,
" Look Ginger, I really want to go through the joys and crap of motherhood
with Marsha.
I have carried you for nine sucky months (lets be honest) gave up my pre-mama body and have gone through 2 months of

of every emotion you can imagine. I even gave up crack cocaine for you, Please sweet Ginger, just this one little favor, be a doll,
a perfect angel."

Not too much to ask your two month old baby.
I hope by now, I dont have to say Im kidding about that crack cocaine but just in case.
I asked her to be on her best behavior as to not convince Johnny that waiting 6
years for another baby is a wise choice.

I have to say, overall, I was impressed.
She still slept through the night.
But you can tell she was aware she was out of her element.
She still fussed a bit and I did spend most of the car ride in the back seat but nothing major.
Point is,
I'm sure after we left Johnny didnt run to Marsha and beg her to make a baby
but I dont think it was any more detrimental to his current
way of practical thinking. After school.

Im such a clueless mom in many areas.
Dont worry I cut myself slack, all you moms have been there.
And if you dont think you have, I have to believe you are either delusional or
one of those people...you know the type I'm talking about.

So anyway on to me being clueless,
I brought 40 diapers for two days.
I brought her swimsuit and had visions of her playing in the sand.
Im not embarrassed about the diapers
but seriously a two month old- who cant even hold her head up- playing in the sand.
I know, Im an idiot.

Instead she did this:

Copy of IMG_3143

Luckily we had Aunt Marsha (who definitely has mama skills)
held her for
a couple hours.
Yes, thats what I said... a couple hours. That's love.

Copy of IMG_3153

But we still had time to layout...


I wish we could just up and move there.
Instead we just invade Johnny and Marsha's about once a month.
Maybe one day...


amber belmonte. said...

1. i will never go to the beach with you because i'll feel like i need to cover up with a mumu.

2. it really is possible to go through 40 diapers in 2 days, although i don't recommend it.

3. LOVE the new pics on your sidebar! you look HOT. and g's onesie is rad. not sure if everyone knows ALI MADE THAT! freaking sell those on etsy! fo sho!

4. looking at your pictures makes me feel albino.

5. that's all i got.

Daniel & Aubri said...

Awww, I LOVE reading your blog! You are seriously so entertaining!! I'm glad you decided last minute to go- it's so hard to make the decision but always SO fun once you do! And I agree, you do look freaking awesome and Ginger's only 2 months!!! I still look like I'm pregnant :(

The Swan's said...

I love the 101 chat you had with ginger! so funny! and you look great for just having a baby you dont even look like you gain anything! and dont be a shamed about the diapers i would of brought a whole box! lol and a suitcase full of clothes for 2 days! lol love the new pictures!!

Sha Sha said...

Alexis! LOVED this post. I have to show Johnny! This was the BEST weekend ever! I seriously wish you guys would come down every weekend, or just move here. G was the best baby and you guys are the most laid back parents ever. I think Johnny was happily suprised at how mellow you guys made parenting look, but sadly, was not begging to make a child with me after you left :-(.

G baby looks like an absolute angel in the pic on the right of your blog with her G onsie. Your announcement is on the center of my fridge, she is such a doll face!

I hate that you can pop out a child and 6 weeks later put on a bathing suit and look like a freaking runway model. (I also hate that I get to be the heffer friend-who has never had a child-in the pics)

The picture of you and Casey is absolutely adorable! You are so gorgeous.

Thank you for being such a trooper and coming to visit us with a brand new baby and everything. You are amazing. PLEASE come again soon. We miss you already!


Life as Ashley said...

Well....Amber pretty much covered it all.

You new pics on the sidebar are great. What a BEAUTIFUL family. [and the onesie is awesome!]

Whitney R said...

You made G's onsie?! You TOTALLY have to teach me. It's beautiful!

I love your new pictures. And I love this little story. I tell my baby all the time, "Now, be a good little kid and grow. While your at it, why don't ya kick me a little so I know your still in there. Come on, give it all you got so I can feel it!" I mean, babycenter tells me to talk to the kid, so I do. But I don't think he/she is listening. I've not felt him kick. But at least he's growing. Were off to a good start.

p.s. I love your swimsuit.

p.p.s. (I don't know if your supposed to do more than one p, or more than one s) I wish I could lay out on a California beach. But I don't want you to move further away.... call me selfish, your already too far away.

Keri O. said...

I love your blog..haha! wow 40 diapers huh..LOL..I just love you Alexis..the talk with Ginger had me dying!

andrea. said...

sounds like an awesome vacation. i am happy that ginger cooperated! max was always a great traveler...well until NOW. take as many road trips as you can while she is little, seriously!

ps. love the pictures!

La said...

just found your blog. (this is johnny's sis lauren.) yes you should move here. we had fun meeting your little lady. she is too cute.
come back and play at the beach soon.
oh and she will be sitting up and eating sand before you know it!

ashley said...

no seriously though... how does one remain so f-ing skinny after giving birth... riddle me that...

Cant wait to see you soon! :)