Friday, May 1, 2009

blog name

I really wanted baby mama drama, but some chick already took it.
What really makes me mad is she had only 3 posts, 3 years ago and
it literally is explaining all her boyfriends baby mama drama.
So as I said I was mad but I also laughed a little...some peoples lives...
and I think I got drama.

So here are some ideas
Mary Tyler Mom

What do you think?


Whitney R said...


And that SAME thing happened to me with my new blog address. I wanted JUST mrandmrspotatohead, but someone took it, they aren't even SPUD farmers or in Idaho AND they have NO POSTS. NONE. So angry. So I had to do THEREALmrandmrspotatohead... uhg. You could do "somebabymamadrama" or "houseofbabymamadrama" or "thebabymamadrama" I have no idea what else. I have no creative brain. It's gone. Out the window.

andrea. said...

i really like vivalababy. so cute!

Victoria Elder said...

I like but Amber a has a pretty good idea she should share.... her spontaneous genius kills me

Lenaya and Xiana said...

I like houseofbabymamadrama Then you get to keep your original slightly revised. How is everything going? Ginger is stunning just as I knew she would be!


I like "vivalababy." They are all very good names. Good Luck picking "the one."

AB said...

There's plenty of sister-in-law drama in my life. I could use Whitney's title 'sleepeatpoop' and assign that to her life.

I'm glad I found your blog!