Thursday, May 15, 2008

An Introduction

Here's a few random facts about us... A is for Alexis C is for Casey... I'm sure you could have figured that out. I spent a lot of time on mine even though people usually don't read them but whatever.

1. What is your dream occupation? A: Mother and I'd love to write book reviews. C: Owner of Magic lamp with genie.

2. What color are your socks right now? A: I'm wearing white knee socks with pink and blue stripes up top (think Holly from Girls Next Door) C: Black

3. What are you listening to right now? A: I'm switching back and forth from Kanye to the Rolling Stones C:Led Zepplin BBC Sessions and MIA

4.What was the last thing that you ate? A: Panda Express, their Beijing Beef is excellent. C. A snickers bar

5.Can you drive a stick shift? A. Ummm Sort of. I had to drive a stick for two weeks and I was too impatient to wait for lessons so I just went out and taught myself. I'd like to apologize to everyone who were behind me at red lights. C: Like a G

6. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Seriously? This is like the Barbara Walters Question, "If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be? I would be a red crayon and Barbara, I would be a weeping willow tree. C. Green and Gold cause green is for the money and gold is for the honey.

7. What does your last text say? For sure I can do lunch Friday, Where do you want to go? From my sister in law. C. How much money do we have in our AGC account? From the pres.

8. How old are you today? 25. half way to 30, Yowza! Wow I never say yowza, don't know where that came from. C. 25

9. Favorite drink? A: Raspberry Lemonade, I go through a pitcher a day. I'm not lying. I have a very addictive personality. Ask Casey, I'm addicted to magazines, reading, The Hills, Rolling Stones Bios, I could go on and on. What was the question again? C. Wawa

10. What is your favorite sport to watch? A:basketball- but only live, and I prefer to be watching The Lakers. C. Skateboarding and Snowboarding.

11. Have you ever dyed your hair? A: I cant answer that. C. Yes once, burgundy

12. Pets? A: Actually they are more like our kids. People brag about their kids and we brag about our two chihuahuas Moses and Sammy and they always give us that "It's not the same" look. We probably wont understand that concept until we have kids. C. Sammy is the Gentleman and Moses is the polar opposite of a gentleman

13. Favorite food? A: Good SUSHI and a good slice of cheesecake. These are both foods that can really be gross if not made right. C. Avocado egg rolls. A. add that to my list too.

14. What was the last movie you watched?
A:Blades of Glory, "I'm gonna get inside your face!" I thought it was hilarious. C. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

15. Favorite holiday of the year? A: Hello! Christmas, I love presents and I love shopping and I really love seeing my nieces and nephews opening presents. Oh to be a kid again. C. Christmas because I get hella presents.

16. What do you do to vent anger? A: usually i just cry or yell, I used to throw things, I broke a windex bottle, a mug filled with hot chocolate (that sucked, hot chocolate is not easy to clean off carpet), a phone, then I switched to unbreakable things like magazines. I can admit and laugh about it now because I'M PROUD TO SAY I'M CURED OF THE THROWING HABIT! C. Im never angry. A. I beg to differ :)

17. What was your favorite toy as a child? : A. Barbies, my plastic kitchen with plastic food, and my moms makeup and high heels. C. I dont know as a child but my favorite toy ever is a tech deck.

18. What is your favorite, fall or spring? A: spring because it means winter is OVER. I hate winter, I get depressed. C. Spring because theres more daylight.

19. Hugs or kisses? A:I love it when Casey kisses the top of my head or my forehead. Its so sweet. C. Kisses on the lips.

20. Cherries or Blueberries? A. ripe raspberries. Mmmmmm C.Blue cherries, stupid question.

21. Whats your favorite way to relax? husband, pool, good book and raspberry lemonade all together of course. Well actually if its favorite I'd say... husband, private cabana on the beach, good book and raspberry lemonade. Unfortunately private cabana on the beach is hard to come by. C. Sleeping in, going to breakfast with my wife, and spending the rest of the day sending/receiving positive energy from the universe. namaste.

24. Living arrangements? A. A fabulous one bedroom loft which we've gotten a lot of slack over. We sort of have a habit of living beyond our means. But whats done is done, so I have to focus on the positive... which is every time I walk in my door or lay out at our pool lined with lilies (my favorite flower) or take my dogs to the dog park in the development I smile, and that goes a long way. C. I live in a room above the kitchen.

25. When was the last time you cried? A: Monday night When the Bachelor proposed. I know, its pathetic. Oh wait actually, I cried watching David Archeletto cry on American Idol tonight. Wow this is pretty pathetic. C. havent cried since Forest Gump

26. What is on the floor of your closet? A: pants, shoes, purses, shirts, a couple dollars, Thank goodness Casey and I have separate closets, he'd go crazy C.Nikes, pricetags, and my mojo.

27. Whats your favorite book? A: Yikes, Its so hard. I have a strong affection for books, so Ill name a few favorites; Catcher in the Rye, Mere Christianity and The Great Divorce (CS Lewis), Freakonomics, The Peacegiver, The Divine Center, The Alchemist and of course the scriptures. I could go on forever. C. How about the only book I've ever read cover to cover- The Firm

28. Favorite smells? A. Number One: Lilies! Vanilla, Patchouli incense, California Coast Air (even if its polluted haha) C. Alexis and Nag Champa

29. What did you do last night? A. Casey and I went shopping for my sister's birthdays and did a little shopping for ourselves, then I came home and read a little and tried to figure out this whole blog thing. C. Birthday dinner and another deep talk about my plans for the future.

30. What inspires you? A. my religion, my mom and dad who always treat me like I'm a good person and have so much faith in me, it makes me never want to let them down. They simply don't judge me, they just love me. I hope I can do that for my husband and my family, And of course Casey he's such a kind person he makes me want to be a better person. books. C. Thomas S Monson, the love of my life and gangster rap, and postive energy. A. I'm really happy Im at least before gangster rap.

31. What are you afraid of? A. This is a hard question and I'm inclined to skip it but I'll be honest... I'm afraid the ones I love dont understand who I am and who Im trying to be. I'm afraid I wont live up to my full potential, I'm afraid of sleeping alone in a house, I'm afraid the pain in my legs will never go away, I'm afraid of dark alleys and I'm afraid of my dog Sammy getting any older and im afraid of Heidi and Spencer getting any more publicity. ok afraid is not the word. C. debt and God.

A. ditto

32. Plain, cheese or spicy hamburgers? A. Cheeseburgers with avocado, Especially the ones at Burger Bar. Seriously good burger. C.Cheeseburgers from In and Out.

33. Favorite dog breed? A. Chihuahuas of course. They just have very distinct personalities and when Moses comes up to cuddle and kiss me I melt. I love cuddling with Sammy too he just cant breathe too close to me. C. Chihuahuas- thats easy

34. How many years at your current job? A. 1 month. I get bored super easy. Usually if I'm at a job longer then a year its because Ive switched positions 3 or 4 times. C. 3 years, 2 summers, one whole year .

35. Favorite place you've ever been? A. Maui! Casey and I wish we could go every year... someday. C. hiking Brighton with Johnny

36. How many states have you lived in? A. 3 C. 3

37. Favorite day of the week? A. Sunday because I finally get all day with Casey. I know its corny but we have the best time together. Constant laughs C.Sunday because of church

38. Ever driven motorcycle or heavy machinery? A. I rode on a motorcycle once, or bullet bike whatever its called and I hit the driver the whole way hoping he'd get the message to slow down! I'll never do it again. I hate motorcycles, if Casey bought one I'd seriously hire someone to steal it. C. yes I drove a motorcycle through the elephant loop mountain pass in Chaing Mai- Thailand. A: and he still says that brighton is his favorite place he's ever been.

39. Who's your favorite NFL team? A. umm...really...?? I guess the cowboys only because Casey's from Texas. C. Cowboys

40. Do you have a house phone that is not cordless? A. does anyone have house phones anymore. Wait, actually we bought one two months ago, hooked it up and have never used it. C. Ditto

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amber marie belmonte said...

How fun that you have a blog! I love this post... so much fun to read about you guys! Casey looks so familiar! I swear I remember him from somewhere... You guys are hilarious and it seems like you have so much fun together :) Welcome to the blogging world. I look forward to more hilarious posts! Miss you!