Monday, May 19, 2008

Family Home Evening

This is from FHE, we get together every Monday with Casey's family. On the far left is my niece Tessa- she was frowning but as soon as I put the camera on her she gave me this great smile. I love kids!

The other pictures are my two nieces Jade and Kaitlyn and my nephew Tyler. You cant really see from this picture but they wrote (or tried to write) Happy Poopy Day Casey. They spelled it "Happy Puppy Wei Kese."
I thought it was hilarious.. I I think that it'd do cool that at such a young age they know Casey would appreciate something like Happy Poopy Day.

This is my sister in law Nikki, me
and Jade's mom Christy and of course
the newest addition to the Treese Fam- Beautiful Lacy!

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The Swan's said...

Hey! Ali! how have you been?? I know your probably thinking I'm the last one to be saying hi but I saw you on amber's friends list and had to check out your page..very cute! and dont worry you dont have to have kids to blog! lol I'm glad to see that your doing well. Brennan's cousin Toni told me you were sick, I hope your better now =) well..I'm sorry for any hurtful things i have said to you in the past..I turely dont mean any of them, your an awesome girl and I only wish you the best. I understand if you dont want to say hi. But I hope that you do! =)