Tuesday, January 11, 2011

two thousand eleven

Happy New Years!

Obviously you know by now
Our family of three is now a family of four.
Well, four and a half.
I always feel bad for not counting Moses.

Being a mother of two kids under two
and I am going to be honest...
I am struggling.
More on that later though.

I just wanted to share our New Years with you.

Ginger spent the night with my parents,
so it was Casey, me and Ollie.
Our friends Michele and Cade had their annual New Years Party
and it was fabulous.

IMG_0175 - Copy
[Michele and me]

Oliver was pretty mellow when we got there,
then about an hour later he started to get fussy...
After a few attempts of trying to calm him
Casey thought it best to take him upstairs
thinking, perhaps he was over stimulated.
So up we went and shut ourselves in the bedroom
and tried to comfort Ollie.
After some troubleshooting, we figured out that he was constipated.

So we undressed him and Casey
went to work trying to help Oliver deliver a poo.
This includes pushing his legs and massaging his bum.

And that's when we heard the celebration from downstairs.
"Happy New Year!"
they yelled.
I looked at the clock, yep- it was 12:00
Officially 2011 and there we were
two tired parents
ringing in the new year with shit.

So we laughed.
and kissed.
And acknowledged the obvious;
We werent 23 year old care free kids anymore.
Life is so very different now.
and I wont lie
Thats a difficult thing to accept sometimes.
Especially when all you want to do is be selfish and
not carry the burden and responsibility that every
decision you make
affects your spouse and kids.

As I sat there with my husband
and my newborn
and his crap filled diaper...
It all felt so right.
And I couldnt think of anywhere else I'd rather be.

Happy New Year!

IMG_0150 - Copy


IMG_0173 - Copy
I title this one, "A wistful Casey".
"A wistful Casey with a touch of gay"
I a have a special "casey voice" I like to use and
make up captions for this photo.
And Omg you guys- its so funny.
Im like so freaking funny.

IMG_0164 - Copy

PDA between couples
married over two years
makes me feel so happy.
But they have to be married that long at least,
otherwise, its so gross and obnoxious.
FYI, these two are four years (I think).

Ahhh fun times...
IMG_0190 - Copy

We laughed so hard.

IMG_0191 - Copy

Like omg, so hard, I almost ate the camera.


Adventures in Oliverland coming soon.


Lisa Allsop said...

I'm dying! So funny Alexis about the shit. And gay Casey. And your Casey voice.

The Bells said...

hahahahaha Awesome. Remember how you are freaking GORGEOUS and you and Casey make the perfect couple and your family is perfect? Oh yeah. Well, it's true. I am jealous. :) Aaron says we are coming down to visit you guys.

Sam, Erin, and Noah said...

This is seriously hilarious! Will you guys get up here already?! That way you can show us the techniques of rubbing out a poo. . . if they are anything like your swaddling techniques Noah will never be constipated. We miss you guys! Hope you are getting some more sleep and that everything is going well with two kiddos!