Monday, October 11, 2010

hello monday

is this not the best bike EVER?

tory burch bike

it's definitely a
"i have a stupid amount of money and am running out of ways to spend it" bike.

it's monday and I am about to get out of my super comfy bed
and get ready for family home evening with the treeses.
i am so ready for Peggy's home cooking and the company of my nieces and nephew.

I am seven whole months along
and can see the end in sight...
or should I say beginning!
the sun is shining a little more on my life.
I think Im out of the ugly funk I was in.
I can tell because when I stumble on things like this
I smile instead of dry heave...

How to have a lovely day

I am still confused why life is ever sad when
I get to see this piece of heaven everyday

bw1 ginger smiles

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The Bells said...

Awe, I love that "10 ways to have a lovely day" I admittedly neglect most of those simple things daily. Thank you. I am so excited for you. 2 months! We sure miss you guys. We need us some Treese-time. Glad you are feeling better. We need to plan a time to come down and visit.