Tuesday, October 26, 2010

happy halloween

Halloween has graced our home.

A few decorations to get in the spirit.

hween decorate 7

These guys are my fav! When I bought them, the lady at pottery barn was
all, "Oh arent these the cutest scarecrows!"
I really wanted to correct her. Instead I just said, "totally".

Skulls and pumpkins replace candles.

hween decorate 5

PS That wall is now painted. dramatically.

hween decorate 2

ginger witch5

This picture cracks me up... She looks like a leprechaun witch.

ginger witch7

She forgot her broom.

Happy Halloween!


Lisa Allsop said...

That picture of Ginger as the leprechaun witch is priceless. One you should hang in your house year round and use in every collage she ever has to make for school of herself and in her wedding slide show video...

Lisa Allsop said...

And the way she's tipping her hat it's as if a bubble should pop up over her head saying, "Top of the mornin' to yah!" and it would but on the front of a Hallmark Halloween card. And Jessica will probably orgaz when she see's your Halloween decor with skulls and the likes.

Treese Family said...

Cute deco and Cute, Cute Ginger.

Sam and Erin said...

Love the decor! Ginger is seriously adorable!

kurt and ash said...

i love her. when are you going to let me meet her?????????

Nikki, Cody, and Tessa said...

She's getting tall...wait, she was already tall, but you know what I mean...she's just looking more grown up. :(

The Swan's said...

Ginger is o adorable! i love the hat! Happy Halloween!!