Tuesday, July 6, 2010

the fourth of july

our fourth was wonderful.
I knew it would be for my little family because
casey woke up singing Proud to be an American,
stuck american flag and In N Out stickers
on Ginger's face,
and put a flag in her hand.
all day I felt overwhelmingly grateful.
we spent most of the day poolside.
we had delicious food made by my MIL
including gazpacho so good it'll make you
wanna slap yo mama!
I have no idea what that means,
casey always says it.
we lit fireworks
and then went up to the rooftop
where my in-laws have the best view of the
entire city and watched numerous
firework shows.
And as I went happily through the day in
my heart I continuously thanked all the brave
men and woman of this beautiful country
that have allowed me to enjoy such treasures.

My most incredible treasure...

Behold... Gazpacho

What's better than this?

two thumbs way up.

Just a pregnant back dive... no big deal.

That's Peggy under that fabulous hat.

...and I'm proud to be an american...

The End.


Treese Family said...

It was an awesome 4th. Love the pics. Let me know where i can see more.

The Bells said...

OOOh I love this!!

Also, did you say you were pregnant? Cuz I certainly don't see a 2nd trimester preggy belly there.

I want a pool. Too bad a pool wouldn't survive in Heber. 2nd best thing: I want to come swim in your pool. Ewe... that sounded weird. But you know what I meant!

Callihan Clan said...

OMG I can't believe you did a pregnant back dive! LOL Your baby was yelling weeeee inside that belly...hahhaahah