Saturday, January 9, 2010

Celebrate Good TImes

Come On!
Now I got that song in your head.

I have been thinking very hard about making a resolution list.
Maybe that should be my resolution...
Come up with resolutions for the new year.
Are you still there?

New Years Eve- we accomplished a wonderful feat.
We left the house.
Okay. Resolution one. Leave the house often enough so that
when you do... its not counted as a wonderful feat.

Anyway we got dressed up
Somewhat. Sorry, these days I consider heels as dressing up
Ginger decided to forgo the heels and wear her pajamas.

Behold... Heels and Pajamas...
(Dont I look tall)?


I think Casey looks like he's taking a break from from herding cattle
Are cattle herded? Is Herded a word.

Copy of IMG_0603

And here's Clark telling me if I took one more picture he was going to break my camera.
In honor of that statement, I am posting this picture.



Presenting the mother of Ginger's future friend...

Copy of IMG_0636

And for some reason this picture makes me a little nervous...
What is so interesting guys?

Seriously, Guys?


And this is about 11:30 p.m. Honestly, I didnt try to keep Ginger up.
She just seemed so happy to be awake and partying.
See look how much fun she's having here.


Oh, here's an awesome picture.

Copy of Copy of IMG_0780

And another one.

Copy of IMG_0782

Raise your hand if you think it's too early to be embarrassing my daughter.

Ginger's new years resolution was to learn how to climb the stairs.

Copy of IMG_0810


Awesome. Time to buy a gate.
Ill just add it to her tab.

I am proud to say that I have put my super dope Christmas present to use!

A new DSLR camera! wahoo!
I am being brave and venturing into manual mode.
I'm even learning new words like aperature.

Here are 4 out of 100 I shot in manual mode that I consider... Descent enough.

Copy of IMG_1091

I can say I was there when Ginger had her first taste of dirt.

Well, what say you Ginger?

Copy of IMG_1111

And just simple beauty.
1058 copy

And here's a picture of...
Jimmy Dean Sausage to be precise...

Copy of IMG_1366

Are you salivating
or perhaps thinking what shade of red paint you can splatter on my doorstep?
Oh how I love my new camera.

So what's this post about? Nothing!
Alas! (my favorite word) I'm sleepy.
It's 3:00 am, so good bye for now,
and may your weekend be Merry and Bright.


Victoria Elder said...

Loving all the pictures especially the manual Ones I need to shoot in manual more I always love the pics shot In that mode better! Looks like you guys had a nice relaxing new years! And yes you look super tall In that picture!
Ginger = doll

Lauren Soffe said...

I want you to know that I did not raise my hand, because it is never too early to start embarrassing your kids. Soffe's should know!

Be prepared for a baby announcement by the end of the month! (hopefully)

Kate Korr said...

I have had my crappy camera for almost three years and I have yet to figure out the settings. It is pretty much permanently on auto.

Daniel & Aubri said...

Okay I mean this is the most non-stalkerish way...I seriously LOVE reading your blog. I think I've told you before that I absolutely love the way you write-it's so entertaining:) And Ginger is so beautiful! She honestly just looks like she is the sweetest little girl ever! AH! I need to meet her!

Whitney R said...

You look 6 feet tall! I couldn't do it if I tried. I'd have to find almost 9 more inches somewhere... super platforms!

And I love the pictures in Manual. You did an awesome job! I'm excited about your camera. Especially since we have the same one. What lens do you have?

And I have the same long sleeved onsies (of her climbing up the stairs) for Naomi. Only they are 3 mo. and way too big for her. (She's 3 months on Thursday). But they are super cute!

Aaron said...

Your pics look so good already. I need you to come teach me cuz we have had a DSLR for almost a year and a half and I might as well have a point and shoot since that's all I do with it. Ahhh I can't get over how gorgeous Ginger is. I absolutely love her. Her pics crack me up. I love that Casey's rocking his Carhart coat to the party. That is totally something Aaron would do. Those two scare me sometimes.

The Bells said...

Oh, um, that was me (Lindzi) leaving that last post. I didn't realize the computer was signed in as Aaron.

The Swan's said...

Loving the new camera photos! and the one of ginger eating dirt PRICELESS! glad you had an amazing new year look like you had fun herding cattle i mean your husband! haha i hope is well and yes i will post more! =)

Marsha said...

Alexis! You are SOOO gorgeous! I love all of the pics. Ginger is such an angel! I miss you guys, please come visit, I promise I'll be here next time :-) Love you.

Kate Korr said...

It is never to early to start embarassing your baby. Never. Take those wonderful pictures and file them under 'show these to all of Ginger's future boyfriends'

The Lowe Family said...

Sooo, I've never done this before, but I clicked on the "next blog" button at the top right hand corner of MY blog (never noticed that before) and i found YOU!

super cute family you have! just had to say. :)

peace out.