Monday, December 21, 2009

Everything is Going to be okay.

Well if were going with optimism
Let's really go with it...


It was a rough month or so,
but I made it.
And I feel renewed.
And grateful.

I love this man

One reason why...

casey vacuums


I am proud to say...
I decorated for Christmas... yesterday.
That's right, 4 days before Christmas.



And Finally... Ginger.


Life as Ashley said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha! That Xbox picture made me laugh because that exact game is always on at our house too! Xbox is Jeff's mistress as well. One of these days I think he'll make it his wifey.

Ginger is adorable as always. And those pictures of you and Casey are so great. Candid, fun, and showing the love.

Hope you have a great Christmas!

The Swan's said...

atleast its a game and nt a real woman! love the cute phtos of ginger and cute decorating! i hope you have a wonderful christmas...btw nice multi-tasking casie! haha

andrea. said...

your house looks so the decorations! i am happy you got it all up before christmas!!

love the pictures of you and casey. and i of course LOVE the pictures of sweet ginger!!!

Kate Korr said...

You always have the coolest phrases! Merry Christmas!

Corynn said...

I miss you Ali! We need to talk. I love the pics.So glad you put some of you. I hope your good. Have a Merry Christmas. Love ya girl.

Luke, Nicole, and Brighten said...

Hello my love!!! I MISS YOU!!! We need to talk...I need you in my life more. I've left you a couple of messages but they go to a voicemail without your name (is it your right number?) Then, I don't have your updated email address or actually address. So, I have a Christmas Card for you at my house. You baby is getting SO big...same as Teagan, it is starting to Kill me. I have been wanting you to come to my house and help me decorate ever since I moved in. But, especially after seeing all of your cute decorations. Remember the good old days in in SLC at PB looking for bed skirts. I miss you so much. Call me or give me your new info so we can chat for hours. Merry Christmas