Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ginger and then some...

I've been meaning to give a Ginger update.
I see all these moms giving the regular update and
Im thinking, shoot, I'm already failing the blog mom test.

Here's whats going on with my 7 month old (8 months in a week)

She is babbling like crazy.
The funniest noises, I swear this girl...
She can growl like no other.
It's the funniest when she's mad.
She doesn't really cry, its more like telling us off in baby talk.
The growling is a straight message to us,
like: Mom, Dad- I'm over Target- get me out of here NOW.
Other times the growling is just for fun.
Just to show the world that even though Mommy rarely takes her
out of the house without a bow and a lot of pink and purple is going on;
the message is; Haha Mommy tries to make me as dainty and feminine as possible
but look at me world; I'm a dinosaur.

She isnt crawling, thank goodness.
Yes, I said that.
Right now, she is so chill. During the day, we post up on the floor,
she likes to play with any toy, although the remote is her favorite.
Which makes you think, Why? All these great toys and you go for the remote?
Anyway, she eats the remote, I do my thing,
we play together-sometimes every 5 minutes, sometimes every 20.
Ummm sometimes a little longer.

Point is; I'm not dumb, I've seen a mobile baby.
Once that happens, bye bye- chill days.
Not that I want to stop her growing process, but you know.
Okay no sugar coating...
She'll crawl, then walk- it's inevitable... but give me some time.
My feelings wont be hurt if she's a little behind.
Casey thinks this is messed up... you probably do too.

She likes to bang on things.
Gouge eyes.
Loves when dad comes home.
Always gets joy from Moses.
Her legs are super strong.
She likes everyone.
Sleeps so much I have to wake her up.

I don't know if there is anything worst to her than cleaning out her nose.
hates having paper taken away from her.
or anything for that matter.

Really I think thats it.
She's good, really good.
It freaks me out because sometimes I get overwhelmed
then Im all worried... like, man, this is probably as well behaved as babies get...
So what's going to happen with the next one?

This is proof, I need my own camera (Casey...),
I have some cute iphone shots but they look all distorted on here.
So this is last month, I think, So somewhat updated.



What's going on with me;
I've been all into these DIY projects and decorating our new house.

It's making me busy and helping me be happy.
Casey bought me my own staple gun and palm sander and I nearly cried.
I want to post about my projects so far but they're all like 60% done...
Why not finish one and then start the other?
I dont freaking know, I've always been that way.
Im about to start soccer, which I'm really nervous about.
There's the nose thing ( broke my nose during a game).
And the lack of muscle issue. So bring on the ensure and weights.
And the fact that I have a fear of sucking, it's been a while.

And Casey, well you saw the last post.
Trying to skate more.
He's working... a lot.
But still comes home and is all about G.
Unfortunately thats about all he has time for...
Ginger Loving, Work and Skate.
Okay so many words, I promise, I'll be better.


Kate said...

Don't feel bad. Everytime Michael gets on his knees, I try to roll him onto his back so he forgets what he was doing. Hopefully no crawling or anything else for that matter for a while! And Mike does the same thing by trying to get him to crawl and I have to remind him that he is gone during the day and I will be the one having to tend to another mobile child. As for the remote, what is the fascination?? It will be across the room and the kid rolls himself over and over to try and get to it.

Coolest thing about having two kids? They occupy eachother while I unload the dishwasher or stain the bathroom cabinets. Awesome.

Victoria Elder said...

Lurve the update you need to more often!! Dax had an obsession too with remote too, we bought him a spare one for like 5 bucks at walmart i mean thats the same price as a toy...well Dax just wanted the real one, he knew the difference. I love all your projects loved seeing them to motivating!!!!!!

Victoria Elder said...

OH did I mention? Ginger is the most darling little boat girl ever!!!!!! HOW CUTE

The Swan's said...

Logan didnt crawl until 9months and even then i was hoping for another year of not crawling hha but then he walked at 12months then they are gone and you get lots of exercise! =) Diy projects are the best and trust me i have about 4 that are 50% done...i get bored and always find somthing else to do haha..and the remote obsession doesnt end at her age logan still plays with all of them so we now have 4 remotes without the battery covers and lovely tape holding the bateries in ! anyways i hope your doing good..we need to get together one of theses days!

Corynn said...

LameO I've already seen these pic tures Ali. All pics you post don't have to be edited or planned. Just post some pics. It's fun to hear about what she's doing. Makes me feel like I kinda know her. K. Love you.

Alexis Treese said...

Corynn, whatever! Youre lame and so is your mom.
I just told Casey last night he needed to put the updated pics of her on flickr so I can post them... so there.
And I did that post just for you, per your request FYI.
As soon as Casey puts those pictures up I will post them. And you better comment and tell me how beautiful she is and how awesome I am. Because it takes a lot to post, you should know, Ms. I like to post once every other month.
Okay all that said... I love you too!!! and every word of this is filled with rainbows and fairy sprinkles:)

Corynn said...

I did think this post was motivated by me. Thanks! However if you post pics I've already seen then... But thanks for the effort. Really like I should talk when was the last time I posted with pictures Ummmm....K then tell Casey to get on it. And I'll get some batteries for my camera so I can take some recent pictures and post.

kurt and ash said...

I love this post! And I love those pics of G... she looks more and more like Casey every day!! I can not believe how freaking big she is getting... seems like just yesterday we were out shopping and eating out with her in your belly... remember our funny pics we took? Was the really THAT long ago... where does the time go?

Okay, so seriously, WHEN ARE YOU COMING TO VISIT???

amber belmonte. said...

i don't know of any babies that like to have their boogers sucked out by those things. poor g, she'll thank you when she's older for not making her live with a snot filled nose.

glad to see the update, although i have to agree with corynn, we need NEW pics. she's the CUTEST dinosaur i've ever seen!

Life as Ashley said...

As always, love the update. :)

Mobility is a double edged sword. You get more time where they entertain themselves because they can move around from object to object, but they also get bored easily too. And you are not a bad person for wanting the non-mobile stage to stick around a little longer. Kaeden was walking at 9 months. I deserve some sort of award for dealing with that so early. :) Seriously though.

DIY projects? So excited to see what you are up to!!! I bet they are FAB.

Geez, this could go on and on. So...I'll just email you back. Thanks for your email today. I seriously LOVE you for it. I'll get back to you soon! ♥

The Sorensen Family said...

that is one daddys girl kiss her for me. miss u

Katie and Shane said...

Ginger is a doll! Looking at this pictures makes me wanna squeeze her cute little self!

andrea. said...

i love ginger! those pictures are classic. i love the update too! mobile babies are hard...especially mobile two year olds. as i am writing this max is jumping from the coffee table to the couch- fun, right? oh and to make you feel better i STILL suck max's nose!!

andrea. said...

i can't wait to see your projects. post them as soon as your done...oh and pictures of your cute house too!!

Luke, Nicole, and Brighten said...

Love the you! I truly miss listening to you and Coyrnn rant, if only I were there in person. Funny how you are getting lectured from the worst upadater ever...oh wait, has that became me? Loves...