Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dad's Still Skate

Warning... Lots of pictures and tons of words...
so if you get bored reading keep scrolling down
you'll get to the good stuff.

You all know I find Casey so hot when he skates.
I think I mentioned before that Casey and his friends
spent some time building a ramp.
I believe it was called "Project Smalls".
Isn't it adorable that these grown men still build skate ramps
and give them cute names?
What? No, I'm not making fun, It's really precious.
Project Smalls was built and then needed to be relocated
so at dinner with Casey's family, Casey asks his parents
if their backyard can be the ramps new home.
and you should have seen his brothers eyes light up.
I was thinking, Ya right, they've spent a lot of time making their
backyard beautiful...there is no way.
But I kid you not, his Mom and Dad's eyes lit up too.
And so the ramp found a home.
I tell you this because I realized Casey's parents love making their
boys happy.
I shouldn't have been surprised, after all they did let them graffiti
their old drained pool and skate that.

I hope I can be that way.
I hope we can create a place where my kids and grand-children
can basically have a huge playground at their disposal.
Maybe I'll give it a cute name, perhaps I'll call it...
"Neverland Ranch".
No, not very original, okay maybe, "Project Large".

Mike Cunningham (http://thedigitalorange.com/blog/)
who is a very talented photographer and Treese family friend
was going to be in Vegas and wanted to take pictures
of a skate sesh...session... ah the conundrum I face every time
I have to use Casey's language.
Am I lame because I say "skate sesh" and "shred"
or a dork if heaven forbid I use the actual words;
skateboard session or snowboarding or whatever.
Moving on, Eric, who is a very talented videographer
was there as well to shoot a video.

I love this picture of Casey,
I can't wait to print it.

casey skating

And here's the "sick" video Eric made
Ok answer to my previous question, LAME
I just cant pull off Casey's verbal dopeness.

If there was a
"How To Be A Great Husband As Much As Your Male Nature Will Allow You To" book,

Casey read it, studied it and puts it into practice.
Don't get me wrong, I can give you some great "What the hell were you thinking?" moments...
But I probably have twice as many moments, so we just wont go there.
Point is: We got married and Casey "got his grown man on,"
Instantly, overnight.
You're probably wondering why I switched gears,
well here you go
I'm sure Casey wishes he could skate every day like high school

or snowboard 4 days a week in winter like college.
Man, married life and a baby steals your hobbies.
But it does replace it with amazing blessings that are worth the sacrifice...
you're welcome Casey for being your wife.
Kidding. Sort of. I'm talking mostly about being parents.
A laugh from a 7 month old can make you feel incredibly fulfilled.
I still hope we can find a happy balance between it all.
Maybe a four day work week, a three day weekend
And the extra day will be used as an extra free day in which your child(ren)

laugh and smile and watch contently as parents indulge themselves.
Or the Grandparents take over...
Peggy? Sheila?
Ginger's free every night this week.

Here are some more pictures






And here's a great one of Casey's brother Cody

As you can see Mike is super talented.
And Eric too, I asked Eric to film Ginger's Birth but it didn't happen,
I wish I would have followed through with that idea.
He totally said he wouldn't be scarred from the experience.
Now that's a professional, when G was crowning, they kept asking Casey to
look over and see her head and he was all, No I'm good up here.
Anyway you can check out Eric's work here:

Bye for now, Ginger's calling.


Sarah said...

Those pictures are AMAZING! And what a sweet post about your hubby!

Sarah said...
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Life as Ashley said...

Your posts are always nothing short of amazing.

Cool pictures to have for a lifetime!

My Name is Mike said...

"Radness has never known such awesomeness or Treese-ness."

Proverbs 36:12

kurt and ash said...

Love the pics ali! actually i love the entire post!

I wish we lived close too, it would be so fun!

sad now.

The Swan's said...

The pictures are awesome! great shots! Can you make the next post about ginger she is so adorable! ok and you cause i love your thoughts and random things you say! =)

Corynn said...

I was trying to figure out how old Ginger was the other day. You need to post some pics of her, because when I think of her I think of her at like 2 mths. She's way bigger and I need an update on what she looks like. Love you!

Victoria Elder said...

"For Cute" hahaha still laughing about that one. Those pics are rad! dads can still be cool!