Tuesday, August 18, 2009


When I was a little girl I used to say things to my mom like;
I want a Malibu Barbie convertible,
or I want to dress like Madonna
or I want to watch The Buttercream Gang again,
you get the point.

And my mom would sing the same song to me...

A verse:
You cant always get what you want
You cant always get what you want
But if you try sometimes,
you just might find,
You get what you need.

It was Rolling Stones.
And as a HUGE Rolling Stones fan. HUGE.
I can't believe I'm saying this...
I hated that freaking song.

And she always said it with an annoying, taunting smile.
But still, I smile at the memory.

Today I found myself dancing with a very insatiable baby,
singing that same song.
and thinking about how much I'll annoy her with it for the rest of her life.
or at least until she is 20-something
singing it to her very own doll-faced baby.

And here is the seven hundred dollar print
I dream about at night...

rolling stones pic

Along with a Zebra rug,
five dresses from Modcloth.com
a precious ruffled shower curtain from Anthropologie,
and a few hundred other things.

This weekend Casey and I laughed so hard, my stomach hurt.
And while we drove we put the ipod on shuffle and a song came on from Jewel.
I started singing it on the top of my lungs, like I was on stage, hand movements and everything.
Something I used to do all the time.
and then a miracle...
Casey joined in... with GUSTO, I might add.
I call it a miracle because when we first started dating a Journey song came on;
Don't Stop Believing.
Now that is a classic.
A classic that I CANNOT stop myself from singing with every fiber of my being.
If it's on, conversation must stop and a show must go forth.
I begged Casey to join in and he tried, sort of, at first he started singing and then he realized
what was taking place...
His girlfriend, soon to be fiance, soon to be wife,
was warped into Steve Perry, or a ridiculous out of tune wannabe who convinced herself she was
singing to the millions of dreamers out there who might soon lose hope if not for me and my voice
begging them to keep never stop believing.
It had to be a turn on.
I chose to interpret the "what the hell?" look on Casey's face as a
"wow she's an incredible performer" look.

Anyway...there was my husband, 2 years into marriage finally jumping on the train with me
singing to our devoted fans who no doubt could feel our words, even though we were
in a truck driving down an empty highway.
Welcome to my world, Casey.
How does it feel to be a make believe superstar?

And finally one last thought, every time we watch Sex and the City
and Samantha makes a typical "Samantha" comment,
Casey shakes his head and says, What a dumb slut."
like he's surprised. every. single. time.
it makes me smile.


Life as Ashley said...


Are you good singers too?

I totally suck, but I like to rock out anyway.

Jeff does interpretive singing while driving. Meaning...he takes his hands off the wheel and acts out the words while singing.

It's a whole lot of dork and a whole lot of awesome mixed together. My favorite interpretive song: Dashboard's "Hands Down".

Glad it only took you two years to get Casey out of his shell. :)

P.S. Love your tweet about the lack of comments on your post. I feel that way EVERYTIME I post. Just so you know. I love your posts. EVERYTIME.

kurt and ash said...

ahhh ali, thanks for the good post. i laughed out load. i love it. i can picture your "singing performances"... in fact i remember them quite well... and miss them very badly.

and the funny thing about watching sex and city, is kurtis always has the same reaction when he catches a "samantha line"... although he more often says things like "i cant believe you like this show"... sorry, but the dirtier the better... why else would we watch it? :)

hope you are doing good. love you.

Whitney R said...

I get so excited when Jaren joins in my fake stage performance. But when we were dating he sang me Phantom of the Opera - matched the girls voice - for 30 minutes on a drive home from a date. I'm pretty sure it was then I (Started to) fell in love with him. Any boy who just wants to make you laugh and doesn't care how he looks is a winner to me.

And I like your rolling stones story. Jaren sings me that song.... And every time I roll my eyes and say, "I always get what I want." :)

Beautiful post, Ali!

Victoria Elder said...

You hate that rolling stones song? Whaa?!?!?! Come on! hahah I am glad Casey Jumps in now on your rock show who' can't help but sing out loud to Journey? I think it's funny so many people do the car mini concert rock out...we love to do that too but sometimes some songs are just made for my beautiful voice & Jake is Forced to play air guitar...he knows what songs are mine & Dax just sits in the back watching us like we nuts or the greatest rockers in the world not sure yet...But he joins in for a little bit on backups so I think we've got him apart of the band for the most part.