Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Okay, so I'm a little late posting about our anniversary...
but don't pretend you're shocked.

In the beginning.
Casey played it cool.
So did I, even though I was enamored.
Same Goals... Check.
Good Looking...Check.
Laughs at my jokes......Check.
Original style...Check.
Original, period...Check.
Kind...Check. What? I actually am attracted to nice guy?
Yet, slightly edgy...Check.
Super hot skateboarder and snowboarder
...check (that was just icing on the cake).
Amazing sense of humor...Check. Check. Check.
Just here for the summer... Wait... What?
Oh well, we'll have fun.

First date a Thursday. Friday, he came and visited me at work.
He was down.

Saw him before I met him...
The pictures that made me say hmmmmm, who is this guy?
(Thanks again Eric)

When I see this I think of when I posted it last year and was teased for being cheesy.
But I love my husband so I dont care if you think Im cheesy or not.
Actually, I do care, I'm that type of person- so maybe keep the
"so cheesy" comments to yourself.
If not, I might throw something at you.
No... Im rehabilitated of that habit.

Okay, spotted him at church and yes I approached him.
I don't care. Let's call it confidence.

This picture probably was a few weeks into dating.
Headed to church.
Not bad...going to church together during a summer fling.

Copy of 015

Summer came and went.
I gave him a copy of one of my favorite books; The Alchemist.
And we parted ways.
Mutually agreeing, although we liked each other- long distance was a bad idea.
But we did say, "Let's just see what happens..."
2 months passed...NADA.
No emails, no phone calls, no myspace comments!
What the heck, we SPENT the whole summer together.
So I called him on his birthday.
I know, I know, but remember- were calling it confidence.
and after our conversation he said he'd come visit the next weekend.

Interesting change of events.

That weekend we decided to have a long distance relationship...here we are in the airport.

Why do we look so happy to say bye?
I hated that he lived in Provo!
Long Distance Relationships= ugh.

And then 8 months later... this...

copy wedd pick roses
We got pelted with roses.
After being married in the Las Vegas Temple.

Then... a fabulous honeymoon in Hawaii

And what comes after a summer fling...turned long distance relationship...then Temple Wedding
then... a gorgeous Hawaiian Honeymoon?

A first year of marital bliss or was it Hell?
I went a bit nuts. More so than usual.


Casey was nothing short of an Angel.
And instead of stooping to my level, he led by a quiet example.
And in that first year, because of him,
I changed A LOT.
I still have a ways to go...but the transformation was nothing short of a miracle.
As I mentioned, rehabilitated of the throwing issue I had... miracle.
That was a 25 year habit in the making, after all.

Then, I was found worthy to develop this:
Copy of IMG_0138

And have this beautiful dollface...
Ginger 4 months G

Dating- Fabulous
1st year of marriage- sorry no cuss words here.
2nd year of marriage- INCREDIBLE. (freak- we deserved it.)

Here's looking to Year 3!!



Beautiful! You have an amazing way of writing and I loved this post. Congratulations to you guys. I never knew how you met. You guys proved that long distance relationships can make it. That's an accomplishment in itself. It is amazing how marriage and the man you marry can transform you for the better. I also believe that us women transform them for the better. The best celebration of your union is little Ginger. What an angel! Just to let you know, every year does get better and better.....in my opinion :)

Kate, Mike and Ellie said...

Your blog looks FABULOUS! I need to have a blog makeover too but we will see how long that takes.

Mike and I were only supposed to be a summer fling too but after two years of cross country dating, [I HATED that], five years married & two kids later, I figured I should probably keep him around.

Whitney R said...

I love this post. It's fun to read how your relationship started. It's so amazing how Heavenly Father knows exactly who is best for you. Because even though you had a rough go your first year I bet you did amazing things for him as he did for you.

I loved the old pictures :)

And you make incredibly good looking babies.

Life as Ashley said...

I love EVERYTHING right now.

The makeover.

The post.

Your pics.


Ummm...yeah. And on another note, don't think I'm copying you or anything, but I've got a VERY similar post in the works. I guess we're even more similar than we thought. But don't worry, by the time I get around to finishing it, it will probably be a year.

P.S. Have I ever told you how GORGEOUS I think you are? Srsly. Gorgeous.

kurt and ash said...

this is seriously touching... very touching. i love it. all of it. i love you, i love casey and i love ginger... im full of love these days... hmmm...

anyways, i hope all is well and happy belated anniversary!

call me.

Victoria Elder said...

I am with Ashley on this one...LOVE it ALL! The blogheader amazing perfect seriously...think of a catchy blog title for me thanks... tribe called quest is dope fyi, Tender story heart it.

Lauren Soffe said...

I bet Casey is dying for someone to catch onto the "A Tribe Called Quest" association. Well here it is. One of Burke's fave music groups. If he blog-stalked, he would be proud. I've been meaning to call you... so expect that to happen soon. loved the post. soon you'll be six years in and not even remember what day your first date was or who called who.

Daniel & Aubri said...

Okay, you are officially my most favorite blogger in the entire world. I think you should write a book- seriously! I LOVE reading everything on here! I'm so happy that you and Casey are so happy :) Also, cutest blog EVER. I need to take some lessons from you!

andrea. said...

i don't think this post is cheesy at all...i actually loved every word!! dating is fun, marriage is hard but babies are bliss. i always love to hear about your experiences...you're adorable!!

ps. love the blog makeover! so original!!

dani said...

I love your Blog!!!! It is so awesome. I love all about you and Casey and G. I wish I could write like you. Hope all is well with you and the Family. Hope to see you soon!!!

Aaron said...

I totally want you to teach me about blog layout sometime. Esp. since I have some time on my hands now! I know I have heard that story a FEW times now, and it NEVER gets old. Such a love story. Awe.

p.s. you are gorgeous.

Give Ginger Kisses from Isla :)

Aaron said...

I totally want you to teach me about blog layout sometime. Esp. since I have some time on my hands now! I know I have heard that story a FEW times now, and it NEVER gets old. Such a love story. Awe.

p.s. you are gorgeous.

Give Ginger Kisses from Isla :)

The Bells said...

So that last comment was really from me (Lindzi) but Aaron happened to be signed in to gmail at the time. In case you were wondering why Aaron was telling you that you are gorgeous. Now it won't be weird next time you see each other. ;)