Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ya Baby

Im going to try and play catch up because I've been such a lazy blogger!

First California.
We love going to CA and visiting some of our favorite people
Marsha and Johnny.


Based on this picture... How could you not have fun with this couple?


Who says men can't multi-task?


The boys getting ready to surf.

Copy of IMG_0449

While I do what I do best... Relax.

Thanks to Marsha and Johnny for two fantastic weekends!

Super bowl... half time:


Now on to the shower!
My super talented SIL's Amber and Nikki and MIL Peggy threw a BEAUTIFUL shower for me!

Copy of IMG_1555

This picture capture a tiny bit of the fabulousness this shower had.
Amazing food.
Beautiful tulips everywhere.
Incredible favors made by Amber.

It was really beautiful and I was so grateful for the hours of preparation
and everyone who came to celebrate Ginger's upcoming arrival.
I wish I was filthy rich and could fly all you Utah and Idaho ladies to LV to celebrate.
That would have been the icing on the Nothing Bundt cakes we enjoyed ;).


Here I am crying because of a very special gift.
My grandma made a baby blanket for my first child
5 years ago before she past away.

Im SO close!
I cant wait for Ginger.
Dr. Lewis says she gives me one more week!!
I've heard of stories where doctors say that and it doesnt happen for another month.
So I am trying not to bank on the one week estimate.
I am ready for the heartburn and rib pain to be GONE!
I am also scared
and very excited.
and anxious.

So anxious I went and bought 3 baby books.
Casey is reading Happiest baby on the block.
He has been practicing Swaddling.
I think he's got it down.



Lacie & Ryan said...

AWWW! What a lovely shower- that is a sweet quilt your grandmother made for Ginger- how sweet! you're almost there- congrats! Don't worry- everything will fall into place:) Enjoy this time- it all goes by so fast!

ashley said...

Im sooo sad I wasnt able to be there for the shower :( but I cant wait for ginger to get here so I can buzz down for a meet and greet with the baby girl! Hopefully its only a week away... that would be great, but its good to not to too excited, i guess. I think I may be just as excited as you are... okay, probably not, but pretty close! Oh, and in response to your comment... I hope to make a friend for Ginger ASAP too... well maybe not THAT soon, but soon. :)

And PS - Casey seriosuly cracks me up! Gotta love that kid!

Love you Ali, let me know as soon as that lil' one arrives!! :)

Kaydi Rae said...

you're way too cute to be due in a week! Good luck with everything, I am soooo excited for you!

The Bells said...

Yay! I am so glad updated a new post! Your shower looks amazing. But seriously, how could it be anything BUT with Amber, Nikki, and Mamma Treese in charge? All you Treese women make me sick with jealousy! j/k.
Cali looks SOOOO nice. Aaron wants to go there for his birthday. Which is May. Hopefully you, Casey, and Ginger can join us. I cannot believe how LONG Johnny's hair is!
Hang in there. We will be pulling for just one more week up here in Heebs. But keep us posted no matter what happens AS soon as it happens! (I know Casey keeps Aaron updated as to how far you are dialated, which COMPLETELY cracks me up for a couple of constuction boys. I can just imagine the conversation now... It totally scares the hell outta Aaron I think.)
And when all is settled I will have to pick your brain for advice, help, calming words, tips, reassurance, etc.

Victoria Elder said...

That Blanket is tender! Seriously how sweet! That's great Casey has the swaddling down, pretty important thing to learn right there! Dont worry too much you'll be surprised on how much of it you already know or will just come natural! your going to be a great mama!

Life as Ashley said...

Tell Casey that now that he's got swaddling inanimate objects down, it's time to move on to ones that can actually move. Sammy? Moses? Trust me, by the time Kaeden came, Milo was seriously missing the swaddling practice we did on him.

Congrats on being so close! Can't wait to see those first pics of your beautiful girl!

Luke, Nicole, and Brighten said...

Seriously what a touching post. I love that your grandma made you a blanket. That just goes to prove how much she loves you. I also love that Casey is one of those guys that cares enough to read a book, even to practice swaddling. How precious.
I am so freaking jelous of you having your name picked out. I didn't have to worry about it at all with Brighten and I am about ready to pull my hair out.
About the one week thing...I lost my plug and still nothing happened for 8 days, then they finally induced me. So, you just never know. You are doing to be the best mom ever. Ginger will be the most loved baby in all of Nevada. I am so excited though and can't wait to hear all of the details. Miss ya like crazy and I am always thinking about you!!!!!!!
p.s. Amber is really serious with a guy and I think they are getting engaged soon:)

amber belmonte. said...

i so wish i could have been there! it looks like it was fabulous! i love the blanket your grandma made for ginger! what a sweet gift! my great grandma [taylor's great great grandma] made one for him before she died + it's SO PRICELESS!

ONE WEEK?! holy crap! that's so soon. i'm so excited for you guys! and i seriously can't wait to meet her!

the robertson clan said...

wow, you have been busy!! your shower looked amazing. and you look great, you are such a cute pregnant girl! what a sweet gift from your grandma. what else did you get? post pictures!

that's so exciting that you are so close. it's almost over!! keep us updated. and next time i am in vegas I WANT TO SEE YOU!

the robertson clan said...
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Daniel & Aubri said...

You're always up to fun things! I can't believe that you're almost due- YAY! Your shower looks like it was awesome! LOVE the little clothes line! Oh and I LOVE your blanket that your grandmother made you- what a treasure! My grandma did something similar for me and I decided that I never wanted to use it because I didn't want it ruined or anything but a friend suggested that I use it on his blessing day and it made it even that more special...anyways, just a thought! Also, tell Casey GREAT job with the swaddling :) Those skills will come in handy!

Treese Family said...

I'm getting excited for Ginger to get here. Can't wait to see who she looks like. You better be taking it easy.

Whitney R said...

Been SO long since I've blog surfed!
You mentioned me!! Oh, or am I not the only Idaho girl you wish could have been there? I do wish I could have come. But, I would like your address so I can send you somethin :) The blanket is beautiful and that is really really wonderful. Did you really not know anything about it until you opened it?

Your shower looked like it was awesome. I love the pink elephant. And, In the superbowl pic all I really see is blue glasses.

I'm VERY impressed with Casey's multitasking driving skills. I'm also very jealous of your Cali trips. I want to go sometime soon, but don't know how soon it will really happen.

I miss you!

Your doc said you could pop in a WEEK?! So soon!

Brett and Melissa said...

Hey Hey thanks for the comment... I am so excited for you to have a baby... Good Luck and Congratulations!!! Text me your address so I can send the baby a gift!!