Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tuesday we had a fun experience.
I was experiencing pain throughout my stomach that
I havent experienced before.
I was on my way to the doctors anyway
so the timing worked out.
By the time I got there I was crying.
Partly because they were painful.
Partly because I was scared.
And partly because Im a crier.
They took one look at me and because of the cervix issue
and because Im almost 8 months along
they sent me to labor and delivery at St Rose.
Of course by the time I was check in at the hospital I felt fine.

This post, however, is actually about Casey.
When he is in a hospital he has to touch everything.

Here's proof...
Iphone not the best quality.

First. The Gloves. These are necessary.
casey hos 5

He even signed all the paperwork wearing these gloves.
I can only imagine what they were thinking.

Here he is analyzing our heartbeats. Mine and Ginger's, I mean.

casey hos 4

Finally, bored out of his mind.
casey hos 3

And my glamour shot...

photo-3 (2)

Thank goodness for Casey who makes the most boring experience, like a pointless hospital visit, fun.


hello, my name is amber. said...

um, you're not aloud to look that gorgeous while you're in the hospital. just sayin'

joe does the same thing! what the freak! they're like little kids, only taylor behaves better than joe does in the doctor's office!

i'm cracking up that he wore the gloves while he was signing papers though!

a mini-edition of the collage is a great idea! i actually bought something this week to HANG ON MY WALL [gasp]... and i may take pictures of it + share. i'm a dork.

The Robertson Clan said...

seriously, thank goodness you have casey around! being pregnant is not fun sometimes so having someone there to make you laugh helps!!

that's a bummer you had to go the hospital. i swear i spent the last six weeks of my pregnancy there... i had low fluids.

glad she didn't come early though. she needs to cook as long as she can!!

Life as Ashley said...

Glad to hear everything ended up ok. And Andrea's right...having Casey to keep you entertained will go a long way.

Look on the bright may have been pointless, but at least you got a good test run before the real thing!

Jo said...

Your hubby is a goof! I could so see that as an episode on some sit com. Glad everything turned out okay. Better get those childbirth classes taken care of!

Kristina P. said...

I'm glad you are OK! Casey is a crack up!

Whitney R said...

Oh my (I think I say that a lot...). I'm glad your okay and Ginger is okay. Scary! I'm a crier, too. I'm glad we have that in common. Sometimes it's ridiculous and I even know it's ridiculous.

The pictures of Casey are hilarious. The gloves.. haha. I guess if there is any place that Casey is going to touch everything, the Hospital is probably the safest.

I've decided that we should all hang out again. I realize you will be much too pregnant to travel, so I think we should come to you. I have a break in school for Presidents weekend or we could just wait until I graduate and we can come take care of you and Ginger. Either way - I want to play again! I miss you both.

Daniel & Aubri said...

I was just about to write the same thing as your first comment! How come you look that good at the hospital?! Lucky! Hope all is well! I can't wait for little Ginger to arrive!

Riot Grrrl said...

Oh snap I hope everything is going well for you now.
I'm going to have to come down soon after you have the baby so I can holla at your girl, nahmean?

Luke, Nicole, and Brighten said...

I hate that last part of your pregnancy, when you've come so far and you get scared for the last little haul. Everything will work out. Just do some serious meditating to music. I mind just simply plays tricks on you. I keep having dreams that I have my baby early. Last night I had a dream that "she" was born with four teeth and then the doctor pulled them out only to find that her mouth wasn't formed. Just step back and realize that stress and hormones don't work out well together. All will work out fine. Lots of love...we are thinking about you always...and praying for the "Utah Thing" to work out:)

Corynn said...

Ali! What the freak! You text me that day! I read everyone's comments and they didn't seem so freaked out. But I was reading this thinking oh my gosh. If I have to find out that she had her baby from her blog I'm gonna be pissed. Also I was thinking I should've called you when I got that text. I'm glad everything is ok. Sccard me! This post gives me anxiety cuz I've only seen you once since you've been prego. I guess I need to call you and come see you. Freak your gonna have this kid and I'm not ready! Can you hold out a little while. I'm not ready! I'm not ready yet.Ahhhh! Also what the hell is Nicole talking about the whole "Utah thing"? Love you!

The Swan's said...

Amber is right Ali your not aloud to look that good in the hospital! =) and I hope your doing ok now, I had to go for some tests before too it can be scary but atleast you had casey with you to keep you happy and laughing! and thank goodness nothing is wrong! tell that little girl to stay in the overn a little while longer!! =)

ashley said...

Ahh sweet sweet Ginger girl, she just wants to be here already so she can play with her cute mom and dad! And so she can go shopping with her moms favorite friend... ahhhmm, that would be me... :)


I'm glad you and Ginger are fine. I'm sure having Casey with you and making you laugh helped you not worry so much. Not too much longer now. At least you got to experience the hospital and the bed and stuff before you had to do all that pushing. Get as much rest as you can girl, before your little girl come. You will need it :)

Victoria Elder said...

I'm glad your ok ginger too! Hospitals are SO BORING! Good thing Casey made it fun while you were there

Annie O. said...

I think Josh has an extra box of gloves left over from school if Casey wants them (and we can find them). That is so funny, especially signing the papers with them on. Glad you are Ok, and if you need anything the Ostlers have you covered in the home and visiting teaching arenas now. I have no idea what you guys did to deserve this but you had better repent quick!