Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The past few weeks

Here's what we've been up to:

We took Moses to the vet.
Where they removed some testosterone.

Before: Happy, clueless, horny and ready to hump any dog in his path.


After: High, missing luggage, still horny and still humping. What the freak?


Played Mexican Train:


Used these for luck:


Lost anyway.

Took down Christmas decorations


Caught up on laundry


Caught up on sleep


Worked on getting in our good byes to Manhattan and our gargoyle.


Played on the computer, ate a lot of chips and aired out the belly


Read the scriptures twice a day


Not really, but I like the picture.

And we went to California. That post is coming soon.


Binghamz said...

you have such a cute belly! I really wish I looked that great when I was pregnant. oh well...

The Bells said...

Ahh California sounds SOOOO nice right about now. Love the pics, as always. And yes, I agree with post #1, cute cute belly. I know Aaron has been talking with Casey, but we will be down there in two weekends- hopefully we can all meet up!
Do you even feel ready to have a baby yet?
Did you find a place to live yet?
I am glad you posted, I was so bored at lunchtime!

Kristina P. said...

Look at your cute tummy!

hello, my name is amber. said...

'read the scriptures twice a day, NOT REALLY'.... LMAO! i like that picture too!

i can tell you guys are practicing with an object in focus and blurred background! keep up the good work :)

1. i love your belly
2. i miss moses sniffing my hair
3. all the times i've walked into your place i never noticed that gargoyle.

um, who's gigantic nativity set?!

The Swan's said...

Moses is like one of our dogs..has been fixed, still humps thins, is crazy! and love your belly are you so ready to have the baby? and fun marks magically pop up..that happened to me i though i was doing so well with no marks then BAM! lol it suck but they go away, that goodnesss! anyways glad you guys are doing well!

ashley said...

OH MY GOSH COULD YOUR BELLY BE ANYMORE ADORABLE!!!!! Please, please, PLEASE let me look as cute as you when I'm preggo!!

Alexis and Casey Treese said...

Lindzi- I didnt know you guys were coming to Vegas! Yay!! We found a place we really like, were going to go look at it tomorrow. And I finally feel somewhat ready to be a mom, I have had tons of anxiety and thats starting to subside.

Amber, thats Caseys favorite camera setting. He's being so selfish with his camera, I took it with me the other day and he sent me a text that said, "you illegally took possession of my property." whatever! He says when we get an slr it will be mine though. Whatever happened to "ours"?
And that nativity set is my in laws. It so cool but they put it way up on this ledge and its such a pain to get down. I mean it "seems" like such a pain to get down. I observe. But the total effect is worth it.

Crystal- youre scaring me! I keep searching for stretch marks and have been feeling pretty good about not finding any. But youre telling me theyll still come?! Grrr

Treese Family said...

I need that sign for my laundry room where did you get it. Cute belly. I love baby belly I don't love the belly after the baby.

Victoria Elder said...

I miss airing out my belly & watching it move! Mexican Train!!! AH! Jake won't play me anymore he thinks it's a waste of his time to dominate me at it, I still love it! So we might be moving to las vegas for the summer!


What a cute belly you have and it's all tan and cute. You could be a pregnancy model. Hope you're feeling well, getting as much rest as you can and having fun getting ready for your little princess.

The Bells said...

Yeah we will be down the last weekend of this month. I think Wed. 28 - Sat. 31. Boys are so non-communicative. I hope that's a word.
Anyway, I had a dream about you guys last night. Not like creepy or stalkery or anything. Just funny.

Whitney R said...

I loved the belly shot. And the Moses shots. And the maid shot.

You forgot the picture of you kissing your iphone with the caption, "lost, despair, agony, stress, euphoria, excitement, ecstasy, found" in that order :)

The Robertson Clan said...

you take great pictures too!!

like everyone else...i LOVE the belly shot too. mine NEVER looked that cute! i am really filling sorry for your dog though...what does he have to look forward to now?!

love all the pictures. you are totally cute. post more random updates, they;re so fun!

Rachelle Carling said...

Ali... I can't believe how cute your pregnant belly is! I love it! I seriously agree with Ashley. If I ever get pregnant, I am SERIOUSLY hoping my belly looks like yours. You're a babe, with a babe! ;)

Life as Ashley said...

Few things:

1) Your belly should be illegal. All tan, stretch mark free, and just cute and round. I hate you.

2) I haven't decided if the giant nativity is really cool or kinda creeps me out. JK. I bet it's awesome on display. I thought only churches had that large of a display on their lawn. :)

3) Pretty soon it will pics of Casey sleeping with Ginger next to him. Trust me. It's the sweetest thing you'll ever see.

4) Have you found your new digs? Hope you find something you love!

5) Your pictures are awesome! Has someone been taking lessons from Amber? *jealous*

6) Kaeden got neutered last weekend too. If I ever get back to posting....I'll elaborate!

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Um, can I just say, fantastic post. I loved the short and funny captions that accompanied each of the photos...especially the one about airing out the belly. That was a great line. I'll have to remember that one if I ever decide to get pregnant again.

So you went to California! As a local Californian, I'd love to read about your adventures and what you thought. :)


The Sorensen Family said...

Sounds good to me. So sad for the puppy. Give the poor baby a kiss for me.

Luke, Nicole, and Brighten said...

Hello where are all of the post? I know that I can always count on you for having a new one. Are you like pregnant or something?:) You better have not had your baby and not called me!! Love you and keep me posted!

hello, my name is amber. said...

come back!

hello, my name is amber. said...

no, seriously.

The Bells said...

Everything is better with 14 exclamation points.
Hope you had a good day. Hopefully we can see you guys this weekend.