Friday, September 12, 2008

What I love...

Since being pregnant my taste buds have really changed.
Spicy food has never tasted so good.
In fact yesterday I found myself putting Sriracha (a thai hot sauce) on my food.
Something I have never done voluntarily.
Unfortunately, I cant tolerate eel which I used to love.
And I found that white sauce on fish makes me sick.
However, an ice cold boba drink is one thing
that has become 10x's better.
Along with Vietnamese style eggrolls and fish sauce.
My old coworker owns Boba Cafe in the Target shopping center.
Ultra Convenient.

Here are some other things I am loving right now.

1. Ultrasounds.
The most incredible thing I have EVER
seen is my little peanut floating around in there.
Wow, is now the most overused word in my vocabulary.

2. Volcano Candles from Anthropologie. Best Smell Ever.


3. Back rubs from Casey. I got two yesterday.

Which makes me want to forgive him for
not helping me clean the dog pee.
***By the way if you Blog Friends could leave a comment for Casey pleading with him to help me with that... that would be fabulous. You could even drop the pregnancy word on him. Dog Urination and Pregnancy Do Not Mix. PS if you have never commented before this would be a terrific start.

4. Pharmakon by Dirk Wittenborn. I read this book in 3 days. I could have finished it in one and a half but I forced myself to put it down so I could enjoy it longer. It was that good. Pharmakon means both Cure and Poison in greek. Probably, the neatest word ever.

5. My ultra conservative neighbor who blasts 2-Pac while his wife's at work. I like to picture him wearing an apron and cleaning up their maltese's pee. It gives me hope.

6. This Lady
ina garten

She does not let me down!! I've made 3 of her recipes just this week and they were all delicious. The best was her Outrageous Brownies. They have a pound of butter in them so you know they are good. And if you eat them while their hot they taste like Molten Chocolate Cake. They call for 2 teaspoons of instant coffee but I used decaffeinated because I'm super righteous like that.

7. The Shark Steamer.
This little number changed my life. I have the most high maintenance floors ever! Ugh! I hate them. I still have to clean them practically daily but it doesnt take me 3 hours. (Thats not an exaggeration) It used to take me three hours. Now they are done in a half hour. Fabulous!
Did I mention mine is pink?

8.Gossip Girl.
gossip girl

The Scandal!! I love Blair. She is so good at being the villain you secretly love. Casey complains all the way through it but I honestly think he likes it. When ever a super scandalous thing happens. He is way enthusiastic about the drama. He starts jumping up and down on the couch yelling Oooooohhhh! Maybe that was supposed to be between the two of us. I also really liked the pilot for Privileged. 90210, however, is terrible. I gave it another chance this week and it was horrible. Brenda's not even in it and Jennie Garth is a wet blanket. No more chances. Even if I am totally bored I am not tuning in.

9. Change of Seasons! Sweaters. homemade chili and cornbread. pumpkins. the heater. the smell of the heater when you first turn it on. my belly bump making an appearance. decorations. Christmas shopping. lots of family. a tree. La di da.

10. This picture of Casey showing off his stellar rock hard abs.


He also has amazing thighs, which he achieved by doing this:


I know. He's beautiful.


I am going to sign off in true gossip girl fashion...



Adam and Kristina said...

Casey, clearly you should be cleaning up the dog pee. You should be doing it even if your gorgeous wife wasn't pregnant. That's what a good husband would do. (Was that guilt trippy enough?)

And I love Gossip Girl as well, but I'm SO over the whole Chuck/Blair storyline. Seriously, either marry each other, or walk away and never talk to each other again. The game playing is ridiculous.

Ashley said...

Ali, I know I know! I need to better! I will shoot for reccomended 2x per week...but no promises!! Im just not creative like you! :)

I love this post of yours! You are so darling!

Tell casey if he doesnt clean up the dog pee for you, he will have to answer to me...and I know that should whip him into shape! :)

Love ya girl!

The Swan's said...

I love that your pregnant! I think we all need to see you belly pictures in stages! its so excitting! have you gotten tot the stage where you have to pee every 10 min! lol thats always fun! oh and cry at commericals that are dumb lol

The Raybould Family said...

Honestly, truly, your blog makes me want to be pregnant so bad. And I already want to be super bad.

Casey, don't know you know that dog pee will make your fetus grow an extra finger on each hand??? Oh, you didn't? Well, now you do, be a man and clean up the pee! And poo! Whatever decides to come out on the floor.

I missed Privileged. I want to see it really bad. Our DVR went berzerk and quit. We got a new one Tuesday, but it was still too late. It's re running on Sunday and it's set to tape. I'm rather excited.

The Robertson Clan said...

that's a fun post. i like that you still like things while you are pregnant...i on the other hand hated food except for meat [good thing i'm not vegetartian] and i hated the smell of everything.

anyway you are super cute, love the post, love the pictures, love the list. oh and i will flip your husband if he does that again. tell him...i dare you.

hello, my name is amber marie. said...

there is no way it's cold enough there for the heater!

crazy talk ali! CRAZY TALK!

love you.

Treese Family said...

I love spicy food when I was pregnant. I couldn't get my food hot enough.
Casey if I were you I would clean up the dog pee cause when that baby comes and you have to change a diaper thats up the back and up the front your going to be looking for dog pee to clean up.

Daniel & Aubri said...

You should win an award for having the most entertaining posts! I can't believe you can eat spicey food! I couldn't eat anything, I swear! Keep sharing your prego stories, I love them!

hello, my name is amber marie. said...

i need you to post every day. EVERY DAY. do it. oohhh i know.... it will be like book club, except without books + we'll call it posting club.

i'm coming to vegas in october lady. you and casey better be ready for me to take like 5000 pictures of you. 5000 PICTURES!

speaking of pictures... why the freak haven't we seen any of your hump... your hump... your lovely baby bump? or do you not have one yet? figures. i swear i started showing when i was like a week an a half along. sad for me. :(

Ashley said...

Geeez its about time you commented on my post! It was totally meant for you!! Just following the docters orders ya know!! :)