Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Casey!


As I mentioned before Friday was Casey's birthday!
I think I have the sweetest, funniest, most incredible husband ever!
And I am being completely objective.

Here's some random facts about my hot husband!
His favorite ice cream is Bunny Tracks because "there's a surprise in every bite!"
He wants to live in Dubai. (Not going to happen)
His favorite cd right now is Lil Wayne. (even though he swore off rap)
He is all about my home cooking... which is awesome.
He also likes I Love Sushi and Famous Daves and eats my 7 layer dip like
there's no tomorrow.
His favorite part of church is Sunday School because we teach the 9 year olds and he
has a lot of fun with our class.
He cherishes naps when he can fit them in.
When he gets dressed he makes a conscious effort to not be 'matchy-matchy.'
So if it ever looks like it got dressed in the dark... remember- it's intentional.

For his birthday we had some of his friends over and played Rock Band.

bday band

I'm pretty sure he's picking at his nose in this picture but whatever.


I had to post this picture of my niece. She likes to play with my camera and take pictures of herself. She wanted to take a picture of her sticking her tongue out and she was so serious about getting that picture!

I am so happy we had Casey's family and friends over. We had so much fun and I know it made Casey's birthday special. So thank you to all that helped us celebrate.

And PS Those are root beer bottles in the background. Sheesh!


Kristina P. said...

Is that a Nothing Bundt Cake? They are delicious!

Looks like a really fun party!

Wendy said...

Rock on Rock Band!!

Whitney said...

Looks like one wild party! I'm glad he had such a good time and I'm glad you found such a great guy :)

Ashley said...

Tell Casey Happy Bday! I too can eat your 7 layer dip like there is no tomorrow! That stuff is great! Especially when we are chillin by the pool stuffin it in our faces! haha! and remember those peaches! Mmmmm! Oh but ya...happy birthday casey! Thanks for takin such good care of my bestest girl!!!

The Robertson Clan said...

i want to play rock band and eat seven layer dip...thanks for the invite. just kidding. i'm glad that casey had a great birthday, i hope i get to meet him one day!

where are the pictures of you? are you hiding out??? let's see that belly!

Nikki, Cody, and Tessa said...

I am sorry we had to leave in a hurry!!! We missed out on the Nothing Bundt Cake! It was fun to see your place and hang. Good job at throwing Casey a great bday party. p.s. I like Tessa's picture. That was funny. :)

The Swan's said...

HAppy birthday! I love september the best month ever!! mine is in two days the 27th! =)

Ash and Jeff said...

I stalk your blog and saw this picture, so I just had to comment. That has to be a Nothing Bundt Cake. (I'm sorta obsessed). Also, I think you are adorable.

My blog is private, but I'll send you an invite. No pressure to read it, just as long as I can keep enjoying yours.

Aaron said...

happy b-day casey! your hella old like me, I feel it homie. you guys' blog is hilarious. I like the lists, except the part that Casey quit rap. whatever, i'm so high i took a bite outta tha moon. you guys need to come to visit soon, we gots extra rooms.

Corynn said...

Hey momma!How's it going? I miss you.Happy Birthday Casey and for hell sakes freak'n clean up the dog pee for her. Call me. I love you.

The Cannon Family said...

Dang... Cade was smashing the drums!!!!!!!!!!