Monday, September 27, 2010

total awesome

When I title my posts
I do it with all of those who
are hyper-annoyed with bad english in mind.
You is welcome.
Speaking of titles...
The last post was named, "diagnosed."
believe it or not, I was going for simple subtlety.
It sounds SO dramatic and feel sorry for me.
It made me feel so lame- I had to change it.

The reason for this title
would be the one item that has completely changed my life.
The infomercial sold me.
Behold, the TOTAL PILLOW.


Its so super amazing and totally on par
with the invention of the light bulb.
You can get it at fry's.
One night I woke up delirious in the middle of the night
and realized Casey stole my total pillow and was using it!
So I reached over, totally pissed off, and grabbed it hard
trying to yank it from under his head.
After a couple seconds, my eyes adjusted to the dark
and to my surprise (and amusement) I was tugging on Casey's
arm which was serving as his headrest.
It turns out he didnt steal my total pillow-
it fell on the floor.
Somehow he slept through the whole thing
and the next day I giggled about 20 times
thinking about how truly pissed I was at the thought of him
stealing my pillow.
What am I? five?

Here's the next piece of greatness to touch our lives...


A gift from Grammie.
Its a pretty rad keyboard that Ginger capital L Loves.
Speaking of Ginger obsessions;
my mom said they went shopping and G grabbed these shoes
and would not let go of them.
Saying, "Oh wow" and "pretty" about 1700 times.
I thought maybe mom was exaggerating
(I didnt get my embellishing abilities from my dad)
But truly since she came home with them,
she wants to wear them 24/7.
Most of the time, she's content with wearing at least one.

photo (2)


photo (3)

(Sometime we let her use the swiffer, instead of a rag and a bucket)

Change of subject...
The new house is coming along,
Ive learned to be patient with the design process,
Im less likely to make hasty choices
and throw away money on something I'll hate a month later.
These purdy pillows are from Z gallerie
and they light up my life...


I love the comfort and practicality of our leather couch
but it so masculine- I have to sweeten it up with extras...
hence the choice of lavender.

It took me 3 weeks to realize our dining room light
had a dimmer.


I wondered why sometimes it was dim and other times bright.
My theory- it started out dim to be easy on your eyes
then brightened gradually.
I should be ashamed to admit that stroke of genius
but Im just trying to keep it real.
It wasnt until Casey adjusted it before my very eyes that
I was like, Ohhhhhhhh, I see (pun intended).

My new favorite cd
is Brandon Flowers sole effort, "Flamingo"
I absolutely, positively love that man
and his voice and his style and his Vegasness.

I like to just insert randomness as I please.

Yoga has been my saving grace.

I spend approximately six times longer in the bathroom
than necessary.
It gives me a nice break.

I super de duper love an ice pack on my head.

Speaking of ice packs on heads.
Did you know I am an exceptional example to my child?

Exhibit A.

photo (4)

I hope I didnt make you feel self-conscience
by posting that ultra glamorous photo of me.
with my pregnant belly hanging out.

Im gonna do that mommy-daughter ice pack moment one better.
The other night G and I were hanging out in my room
when all of a sudden a wave of nausea sent me flying to the bathroom
where I seeked comfort with my head over the toilet
throwing my guts up.
Ginger quickly came after me
stared at me for a second before bending over next to me
assumed the position and started going,
"blech, blech, blech!"
complete with head bobbing and stomach clutching.
Note: It is possible to laugh while vomiting.
But when I finished luking (laughing/puking)
a wave of unavoidable, useless motherly guilt washed over me.
If she turns into a hypochondriac- we all know why.

Casey has expressed to me how much he dislikes public praise-
So I will NOT tell you how he's gone above and beyond his husbandly duty
during this difficult pregnancy.
And I wont tell you how much it means to me
and how infinite my gratitude is for him.
I wont do it. Dont even try to make me.

I better bid adieu before my sleeping medication kicks in.
Love and angel kisses.


kurt and ash said...

Oh Ali, I am so so so happy to hear about the doctor news! I am so glad you can finally have some answers, not to mention some relief!

I am sad you couldnt make it last weekend - I was so excited to think I could see you and catch up for hours and hours! But you need to take care of yourself - I hope you are doing better!!

Love you - so much!


Whitney R said...

Love this post and all the randomness. Mine was random today too. I laughed out loud at the Ginger one shoe pictures. I love babies/kids. Love them and how they provide you with pure entertainment. And stress. :)