Tuesday, April 21, 2009


We spent Easter with The Treese family and we loved it.
We did it a bit backwards Easter dinner on Easter
but we waited until Monday for the Easter Egg Hunt.
Which was the fastest Easter Egg Hunt EVER.

First: Dinner
I've said it before but my MIL Peggy is an amazing hostess.
So I am constantly taking notes.

peggy easter hostess

I know- fabulous.

By the way...do you see the beets on the table?
worst. food. ever.
Butter on the other hand, The Treese's love their butter almost more than Paula Deen.
The dinner was awesome,
I ate it one hand style because Ginger has an internal sense when it's dinner time
It's amazing how you learn to operate with a baby in one arm, leaving only one arm for the other.

I am so happy I have awesome nieces and nephews
because holidays just are not the same without kids.
Here we are getting our craft on.

Copy of Copy of IMG_3038

easter ambers kids

Easter Day we missed Cody, Nikki and Tessa so we waited until Monday for the Easter Egg Hunt.

egg hunt

tessa easter

Here is what Ginger and I did...

me easter

I cant wait until next year with her!

It was a great Easter!

Later my parents sent me pictures of their Easter celebration.
They went to Long Beach to celebrate my Dad's cousin Justin retiring from the Marines.
Go Justin!

As you can see my Dad's side of the family celebrates slightly differently...

Copy of IMG_0638


I hope my dad doesn't follow my blog or I'm going to be in trouble for posting this picture.

Holidays are SO HARD.
I wish we could be two different places at one time.
I love our families,
as different as they are it only adds to the awesomeness.

And finally...here is my lovebug.

IMG_0719 b+w copy (2)

No Easter pics, she practically slept the whole day.
I want to (and will) post more pictures but seriously we have
hundreds so I need to decide which ones.
Amber took this one.
Casey wanted it taken on his mom's fox fur coat and
I just prayed the whole time she would not choose this time to have a blow out.
By the way Amber I love you SO much! Thanks for cooperating with Ms. Attitude.
Me or Ginger...take your pick.


Kristina P. said...

Your dad's family is crazy! Love it!

And beets have become a new favorite food of mine in the past 18 months. Delicious!

andrea. said...

sounds like such a fun easter. the pictures are awesome. your nieces and nephews are adorable! but my favorite was the pictures of your family...nice!

that picture that amber took of ginger is awesome...seriously needs to be framed. i LOVE it! and ginger, well she is so BEAUTIFUL! are you making a trip to utah anytime soon?! i NEED to hold her!

Luke, Nicole, and Brighten said...

I love the family pix...both sides:) I was going to tell you just how incredible you looked and then I remembered that you looked that good right before your baby to. It's hard to love and hate you so much LOL. But, seriously you look incredible. I hope that you appreciate it. I am praying that everything works out so that I can see you and everyone else. Are you planning on Thursday night? Let me know....Loves

ashley said...

that pic is soooooo soooo sooooo cute!

amber belmonte. said...

utah is calling your name.. that's all i'm gonna say.

ok i lied.. that's not all..

beets are delicious.
and so is ginger, i miss you both like crazy. that picture is growing on me.. you wouldn't even know that she was being fussy.

by the way.. got some boyfriends.. not 'JOES' cause only YOU can rock those.. trust me, i tried. i got some paige's. in LOVE.

i love you.
the end.

Alexis and Casey Treese said...

Im happy you all can appreciate my families pics...
They're awesome.
Both sides.
as for that last picture Amber took its already framed and I cant stop staring. Amber, I wish I had a tenth of your talent. Oh and arent boyfriend jeans SO COMFY?!

Nicole- you are a doll, thanks for helping my self esteem. I just cant wait for that stupid brown line down the stomach to go away. When does that happen? Cant wait for you to meet Ginger.

And I cant believe you all like beets. You are all weird. Im normal.

lacie tidwell said...

LOVE that pic Amber took- she's amazing:) and fun holiday fun!

Daniel & Aubri said...

How fun! I LOVE the dinner table. What an awesome MIL! Feel free to drop Ginger off anytime :)

Corynn said...

I love your family! I still remeber when Dave freak'n tied a string around my finger dogg'n me for not having a real one. Are you serious who that heck goes all out like that for Easter. Really nice. I like beets too. G is way cute. I wish I could've made it over. I love you. See you in couple weeks.